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Mar 27, 2013 02:11 PM

Le Bec Fin

Coming in for a busy morning then meeting my wife for a late lunch at Le Bec Fin (her choice). I haven't been in ages so I checked out the website. It looks like the dessert course has changed quite a bit. Any other things I should know/eat?

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  1. It's a completely different restaurant--new owners, new chef, new menu, mostly new decor. They already fired one chef since the change, haven't heard any reports since, caveat emptor.

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    1. re: barryg

      I was there for dinner a couple of days before the recent exit of Chef Abrams, and it was outstanding. Haven't been back since, but a friend who has been several times since (including for lunch) says it's still going strong.

      Look forward to hearing about your experience...

      1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

        Oh well ...

        The short of it is - great service with decent food.

        The best thing I ate was the sunchoke soup despite my going double foie. Neither of the two foie dishes were more than alright and the "torchon w truffles" certainly wasn't worth the $25 supplement.

        Management is wonderful, servers are first rate, room is still almost too decadently furnished, and the menu and wine list on ipads is amusing.

        But, food-wise I ended up wishing I had gone to Dinic's and had a roast pork italian.

        1. re: seal


          Rumor has it Jennifer Carroll was seen in the kitchen a few weeks ago (although it doesn't seem her style).

          I hate iPad wine lists! Another solution for a problem that doesn't actually exist.

          Need to get back and see what's up. Personally I love the classic decor. We need a few restaurants where people feel the need to dress up, whether for special occasions or just a Saturday lunch.