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Aug 5, 1999 11:19 PM

Midnight in El Paso

  • j

I'm going to be in El Paso next Friday for just a few
hours, but I need to eat very very well since I'll be
headed to Silver City for a few days, stuck hundreds of
miles from the nearest edible chow.

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a late night
eatery (I arrive at 11pm Friday night), and/or a great
breakfast for the following morning.

For extra bonus points, I also need a cheap but totally
non-wino motel.



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  1. j
    John Morthland

    I'm not sure how late they're open, but L&J, at the end of a street that dead-ends at the Concordia Cemetery where John Wesley Hardin is buried, is always good for dinner' it's a neighborhood bar with a great menu in the back room. Or go across the border to Juarez, which stays open later than El Paso, and hope it's not too late to go to someplace like Martino's. For breakfast, gotta be H&H, a combination diner/car wash on the I-10 access road right downtown; it's been featured at one time or another in most of the food/travel mags, but that doesn't mean it's not superb.