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Mar 27, 2013 12:48 PM

Are There Any Decent Caribbean Places in No. Jersey?

Jamaican? Trini? there are a few in teaneck/englewood and i see one in bergenfield. any good? i ate at a jamaican place on central av in hackensack a few years ago. not bad and i don't know if it still exists. i see online a place called teela's in bloomfield/montclair. anyone know? i'd love a good roti without having to go to nostrand ave or liberty ave. thanks.

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  1. Check out this site:

    Some of the information is old -- and I know there are some restaurants on the site that have closed -- but it is good for information.

    I've tried the Curry chicken from A Taste of the Caribbean in West Orange at a local Taste of the World event. It was good. I haven't had the opportunity to dine there yet. I am planning on getting food from there to take home on of these days though.

    1. Just the other day my brother mentioned having good Carribean in Hackensack. The name of the place is Parish 14 on Anderson Avenue.

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        thanks for the heads up. sounds good. i tried boomerang's in hackensack yesterday. $5 mondays. jerk chicken, rice & peas and cabbage. pretty tasty and a great price. not real jerk but i didn't expect it. grilled chicken, dark meat on the bone, the way i like it, with a jerk sauce. a little spicy and a little sweet. rice was a little dry but good. nice coconut flavor. i tried to order collards but they had no greens yesterday. was going to try the oxtail next but i think i'll try this place instead. i wish they had a menu online.

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        1. I have a friend who frequents Hansil's Bar & Grill in Oakland for their jerk chicken.

          1. I cant say 1st hand, as i have not visited yet, but Angie's in Maywood got fantastic reviews from friends of ours. we will be trying them soon and report back.