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Mar 27, 2013 12:46 PM

Shanghai -- some high end and low end recommendations for a US traveler who has never been...

I'm going in two weeks. Been to Beijing and loved it. Want real down and dirty local places as well as the top-shelf, fine dining rec's...

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  1. For fine dining, the hottest ticket in town currently is Mr & Mrs Bund:

    1. High End:

      1) Fu 1088 - great fine dining Shanghainese in a renovated old mansion. Reservations are essential and each table is in a private room so there is a minimum charge of $60-70 per person. Be sure to get the red cooked pork, crab roe crostini, smoked pomfret fish, amongst others.

      2) Whampoa Garden- also fine dining, set on a location right on the bund. Very refined Shanghainese cuisine.

      3) Lost Heaven - Yunnan cuisine. Not super high end, more of a mid range place.

      Not sure if you're looking for Western high end cuisine so I've ommitted it here.

      Mid range/Low end:

      1) Jesse's - this is more of mid range place but it features all the favorite home cooked staple dishes in Shanghai.

      2) Jia Jia Tang bao - low end, soup dumplings.

      3) Yang's fried dumplings - low end, delicious pan fried dumplings.

      4) Ding tai feng - more mid range, in a nicer setting. While its a Shanghai outpost of a Taiwan chain, its reliable, consistent, good service in a clean setting.

      Other posts on this topic will come up with the most of the foregoing recs. These are the places I take all visiting friends!

      1. I cannot wait to get back to Fu 1088, one of the my top 10 favorite places in the world. Next trip cannot come fast enough.

        1. high -- xin guan -- crab feast (unsure if / what they serve in the off season)

          mid -- jesse -- various (search the board -- i'd suggest pre-ordering some dishes)

          low -- jia jia

          were our favorites from our trip a couple years ago.