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Mar 27, 2013 12:46 PM

Armondo al Pantheon or Cesare al Casaletto in Rome?

Help! I just cannot decide which one to go to. I like the sound of Cesare just a bit better, but it would mean 6 of us taking the tram there and back. Armondo would be walking distance to our apartment, and I like the idea that they have a vegetarian menu, as my oldest is a vegetarian. Thoughts anyone?? Thank you!

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  1. I haven't been to Cesare al Casaletto yet (on my short list for the next trip), so I really can't compare the two for dining experiences. Armando is always a good solid choice and, in my view, the proximity to your apartment might tip the balance in its favor. The other consideration is how much activity you're packing into the day. It's a vacation, not a marathon, right?

    1. Cesare is fantastic. It takes 20 minutes from Largo Argentina to Cesare at dinner time. It is not far away at all (strange that it is painted as being suburban when it is in a very accessible residential area, which is not at all peripheral by Roman standards). Armando is great tho i have had off dishes there. wine list better at cesare and your oldest can find many vegetarian options there. among these: deep fried gnocchi with pecorino and black pepper sauce.

      1. It would all depend on how long you are in Rome for? If it's just a few days, then (even though I love Cesare) I would suggest Armando. Although you could take the tram up to Cesare, these days they are doing work on the line and it's a bit of a mess. So it would be more like a half hour each way. And rather than spend an hour of your too little time in Rome dealing with public transportation, you might want to just take a beautiful and short walk?

        Sometimes convenience wins out (IMHO)

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          Good to know about the tram...thank you. It may factor into our decision. We plan to eat most meals in, to save money. But would like to have one fun/good dinner out.

        2. No reason not t consider both, if you have enough days. Personally, I like taking Roman trams and getting out of the centro but in a busy touring schedule that can feel like too much at times.. Armando has some interesting non-traditional dishes and a bigger menu than most roman places, including some good desserts (uncommon) but its strength is in the good rendition of tradtional dishes. I did not particularly like the veg dishes my then-vegan daughter had there a few years ago (vegetable soup and a saffron pasta dish though she liked them just fine) but if your oldest is not a vegan, you should be able to tind dishes (at a minimum cacio e pepe) pretty much anywhere.