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Mar 27, 2013 12:21 PM

Paris restaurant with a memorable tasting menu

Hi Chowhounds,
We are coming to Paris in the beginning of May, and are looking for a restaurant with a reasonably priced tasting menu or a prix-fixe dinner with our 21year old daughter who’s coming to the end of her year in Paris. We have not been to Paris since June 2001 when we ate a memorable Father’s Day tasting menu at L’Astrance. We’d like somewhere small and not too formal to have a memorable meal, not as expensive as L’Astrance is. We are open to any types of food, but love French food of all types and aren’t fussy about the location and décor.Michelin stars not important. Thanks all!

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  1. I think you'd be happy at Le Sergent Recruteur.

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    1. Thank-you both Mr. Talbott and Ptipois.I am afraid that that restaruant is too expensive for us.I have investigated some and wondered about thesefor a Saturday night:
      Table d'Aki
      Spring (might be impossible to book)
      L'office (Is it open Saturday night?)
      I know these area all different some more French/Japanese, etc.I'm wanting to find a balance between the price and quality. Of course there's alway a Mc Camembert!

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        I would endorse all of the above; indeed Spring is hard to get into at night (Lunch, folks, lunch but not Saturday), but L'Office is open Sat dinner.
        I rate highest Spring, Pirouette, Vivant, Volney and so on, but that's one idiosynq's opinion and I eat (with my lovely wife Colette) at all of them when she graces me with her presence.

        1. re: John Talbott

          Thank you Mr. Talbott! Ok so I'm going to get my daughter who's living in Paris doing her junior year abroad to make the calls.
          Before I do so I wonder:
          Do I need to give her my credit card number to reserve at Pirouette,Spring etc?
          Is the late seating preferable?
          If they tell her desolee --complet do resataruants have waiting lists ? Comment dit-on waiting list en francais?!

          1. re: negirl2

            Waiting list = liste d'attente but I'd be surprised if any restaurant other than a 3-star has one for telephone reservations... sometimes for walk-ins. And most restaurants don't require a credit card for reservation although the practice is slowly seeping in. Usually just a local telephone number will do.

            But with such an abundance of quality in Paris, no need to fret about no room at the inn and listes d'attente. Just try the next one.

            Sparked by another thread, just remembered that le 122 on the rue Grenelle in the 7th does a very affordable dégustation for around 60€ and a prix fixe dinner for under 40€

            1. re: Parnassien

              Thanks for that . Hopefully I'll get some reservations and we'll eat well without having to overspend and get that "vites poches" feeling when l'addition arrives!

      2. Maceo has wonderful prix fixe dinner menus, and their price is very reasonable, I think. The restaurant is in an historic building and is really lovely.