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Jul 14, 1999 02:13 AM

Austin, TX Mexican restaurant suggestions?

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Subject line says it all.

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  1. Hey Dave,
    After your meal, Check out the music clubs that gave
    birth to one of the greatest ax men in the world
    Stevie Ray Vaughn, may He rest in peace.
    Regards, JK

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    1. re: John Knoesel

      Sietsema turned us on to Cisco's, a former LBJ hang in a Mexican neighborhood east of downtown, and the migas at breakfast time, if not the slightly watery carne guisada, were right on. Nuevo Leon, in the same neighborhood, has pretty much the same food and a few more amenities.

      Everybody will tell you to go to Manuel's, and you may as well, though it isn't all that amazing.

      I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know, but don't miss the cue: Kreuz in Lockhart is a must; Louis Mueller in Taylor, Cooper's in Llano and Sam's in Austin (yummy mutton) are all first rate, all within an hour or so of town.

      1. re: j gold

        Thanks John and Jon,

        Alas, the questions weren't for me. This was for an
        agent friend who is going to a writer's conference in
        Austin. Alas, one of his authors is the founder of
        Taco Bell (Mr. Taco? Mr. Bell?). So I desperately
        wanted to find him some decent Mexican.

    2. Mexican food is a pretty broad category for those of us who take it seriously, so here are a few:

      Fonda San Miguel, for excellent interior Mexico food that's authentic and delicious, although a little pricy.

      El Azteca for good Tex-Northern Mex food (excellent Cabrito, even though it's not grilled).

      Enchiladas e Mas for the best goopy Tex Mex you've ever had (absolutely the most calories per $ anywhere) at a great price.

      Las Manitas for best all around with Tex Mex and interior Mex, but only open breakfast and lunch. No liquor license, so try the Sandia (watermelon juice); vegetarian dishes are universally as good as meat offerings.

      Trudy's for reliable food and drink that is always good and sometimes great. Best margs and migas are here and try the avocado stuffed with chicken and cheese and fried, remember the heart hospital is at 35th and Lamar.

      Angie's has the best homeade corn tortillas in town but the food seems a little ladry to me (and I like lard).
      El Arroyo has good food and drink in general but try the BBQ chicken specials; the waitresses are pretty easy on the eyes, too.

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      1. re: Greg Spence

        What, no Chuy's? It's all about the Elvis Presley Memorial combo for great bastardized Texican food.