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Mar 27, 2013 12:05 PM

Buffalo in Denver

So my SO loves the buffalo prime rib at Buckhorn Exchange. His birthday is coming up, and while I have no problem taking him to Buckhorn, I fear the prices there might scare away most of our friends from coming to dinner with us. Are there other places in Downtown or south that serve buffalo or other game meats? I know Biker Jim's does but I'm hoping for something a bit nicer than that :) I found Appaloosa Grill in a Yelp search that might work, they have a few buffalo items on the menu....but reviews seem mixed.

We'd like to stay near downtown or south, as one of his best friends will likely be on call for work and needs to stay within 30 minutes of Swedish hospital.

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  1. Try the Fort Restaurant in Morrison (

    An extensive buffalo menu and a great venue.

    The Jer