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Mar 27, 2013 11:31 AM

Delray Area Report---

First Night- House of Siam: Actually pretty good Thai food. Outstanding crispy duck was the highlight.

Second Night- Max's Harvest: Probably the most disappointing meal of this trip. Had read so much about it. The three course for $49 is a good deal with a lot of choices. The appetizers were really good, we had the meatballs and their incredible pork belly. It was an amazing start into what turned into a disaster. The chicken under a brick, touted as ultra crispy, was anything but...we sent back, it got a little crisper, but just not that much. It never got crispy as described. My pork chop, ordered med rare, came out super well done. They happily took it back and the second one came out raw. The reheated version actually tasted good, but three times to make a med rare pork chop? Come on...and it wasn't even very busy. To be fair, the manager took the pork chop off the bill, but this is just not a great restaurant- to not be able to produce food as ordered or as described is a shame.

Third Night: Abe and Louie's: We are usually into NY Prime, but had heard good things about A&L's. The clams in the casino were so tiny, the waiter said to us he'd bring us another order. The clams were minuscule, shouldn't have been served. The wedge salad was excellent, but nothing you couldn't make at home. We shared the porterhouse for two, which was nothing short of spectacular!! Perfectly cooked to med rare, this was a fantastic steak! The hash browns were ok, but it is all about the steak which was awesome. Overall I think NYP is better in total, but I loved the vibe and that steak from A&L's.

Fourth Night:Trattoria Romana in Boca- The food is simply put, very good. Excellent, al dente pasta's, outstanding main courses, even their friend calamari is fantastic. My biggest qualm is their prices. A glass of red wine is $17, and the BOTTLE of this wine is $9.99 everywhere. Orders of pasta are around the $25.00 mark...seriously expensive for what, a half pound of pasta. Like I said, the food is not to be denied, but the prices are sky high for what you're getting. One cool (and not overpriced thing), they'll wash your car while you eat at valet parking for only $10!!

Delray, Boca and Palm Beach have many options on where to dine. We had four nights, and made four different choices. Can't wait to come back and sample more...And, there's a new burger joint called Burger Fi right on the beach in Delray. We didn't get to eat there, but everything coming out of the kitchen looks amazing...especially those onion rings that I didn't get to try.

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  1. While I am sorry that you had a poor experience at Max's Harvest, I will have to concur that my most recent meals there have been disappointing, after the heights achieved in the past year or so. This is a very pleasant place that you want to love; unfortunately, several meals in the past two months have been so poorly executed (excess of salt in many dishes offended even this salt lover) that this former favorite is no longer on our go-to list. With prices on a level of Manhattan's better casual spots, more attention to details might be in order.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      Max's recently lost its original executive chef and so perhaps things are not what they used to be, as also hinted at by Erica. If so, too bad.

      Of course I will want to check for myself as I've been a big fan since the opening a year or so ago. And of course, I'm reluctant to put too much weight on a small sample size, after numerous good experiences. We shall see... Meanwhile...

      Burger Fi has actually been in Delray since August of 2011.

      And the good news for you Sockster is that they just opened a store in Manhattan, 82nd and 2nd. So maybe you can try those onion rings without a trip to Florida.

      1. Sorry you missed it. Burger Fi's O rings are outrageous.

        1. Sorry to hear about your experience at Max's Harvest but it just confirms my own experience!! I won't go into the lengthy details about the horrific dinner we had there but suffice it to say this place does not deserve the accolades it has been getting Nuff said.