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Mar 27, 2013 11:08 AM

Liederkranz Cheese is back!

I think the cheese was discontinued more than 20 years ago. I was in an independent meat and fish shop yesterday and took a look in one of their cheese bins. I was so surprised it took in a moment to sink in. Yeah, it was really there and i was seenig what I was seeing.

It is now being made by and distributed by DCI Cheese in Wisconsin.

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  1. In the mid 70's I was the asst Dairy Manager in a small (5-aisle) grocery store in NJ. I distinctly remember this cheese on the shelf (different pacaging, obviously) and we had only one customer (elderly German fellow) who would buy all of it.

    1. Actually, Liederkranz has been back for several years now.

      I've been buying it from "igourmet" for quite some time now (although they appear to be out of stock at the moment), & the flavor & quality has been wonderful (as with all their cheeses). The only thing missing is the little wooden-bottomed cardboard box that the original used to come in.

      If you do a websearch for "Liederkranz", I'm sure you'll find other online vendors as well.

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        Cardboard box with wooden bottom...THAT's what I remember.

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          I just saw this exact cheese/brand in the cheese case at Shop Rite, I opted for the Gjetost instead but now that I've read your comments I'll be more inclined to give an American Liederkranz a try:

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            Actually, there is no other type of Liederkranz than "American" - despite the European-sounding name.

            Liederkranz was originally developed & produced in America by a NY-based Swiss gentleman & is a solely American cheese.

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              My Danish father used to enjoy Haagen-Dazs ice cream, thinking it was an authentic danish product. I never told him it was started by a jewish couple in the Bronx!

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                Oh really. I was reading online about the roots of this cheese and this particular brand. Thanks for the clarification.

                What I realize now is that what I actually read was that this cheese is an American re-creation of Limburger cheese.

                so much to learn!!

                1. re: HillJ

                  The Story is even cooler than that! Liedercrantz was essentially an extinct cheese- the family that made it for generations went our of business back in the late 70s early 80s when the youngest generation got out of the cheesemaking business. Demand faltered and an American Original faded away.
                  Some old timers remembered it and with the resurgence of artisinal cheese in the late 90s & 00s, a Dairy Distributor took the recipe to America's only Master Limburger cheesemaker Myron Olsen at the Chalet Dairy Co-op. Myron's Liedercrantz is simply awesome- similar in almost every way to true limburger, but with a higher cream content, it is riper and softer (and even stinkier).

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                    nice to see you back on the boards, lunchb! thank u for the lesson. Next cheese buy will include Liedercrantz. I'm very curious to try it.

                    1. re: HillJ

                      You have to have it on pumpernickle bread with sliced onions. That is the law of Liederkranz! Or so I'm told......

                        1. re: coll

                          right on!
                          That's actually my lunch at least twice a week.

                        2. re: HillJ

                          Nice to be back! Got married... less time to goof off online!

              2. Was A favorite of my Dad's. . . Mom kept it in a jar which Dad kept on the counter until the paste turned completely runny. That's when the two of us would devour it with saltine or wheat thin crackers -- yum, so putrid!

                1. I wrote about this about years ago; due to an addicted friend I was on the cutting edge I guess. I had my eyes out for quite some time, and knew the whole sad story of its disappearance. So, some earlier info in case anyone is interested.