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Mar 27, 2013 11:03 AM

Spinach Lasagna - Saute the spinach first?

I want to make a spinach lasagna, but I'm not sure if I should saute the spinach first. Some recipes say to saute, but others don't. Also, would baby spinach be ok?

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  1. I recommend to saute the spinach.

    Baby spinach should be fine too.

    1. Need to get the moisture out. Also the volume will greatly diminish.

      1. Yes. I use baby spinach. I saute onions and garlic first and then add the spinach. It is important to cook it down and then drain well (or wring out in a towel) to get the excess moisture out or you will have soupy lasagna.

        1. Definitely sauté, then squeeze the extra moisture out, as youareabunny says. Spinach has a lot of water that you don't want seeping into the lasagne as it bakes.

          1. Definitely cook & then press or squeeze the excess moisture out.

            If you're using frozen spinach, you can thaw it without cooking, press/squeeze out the excess moisture, & use it.