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Mar 27, 2013 10:50 AM

looking for something new, funky but nice for dinner with out of town friends

we don't get into the city very much any more and want to take our out of town guests somewhere nice but not stuffy, relatively hip (we live in the burbs now so need a fix of urban style). we all like our cocktails so somewhere with a strong drink and wine menu would be great.

open to different kinds of food, price point medium to medium high. there will be six of us who don't get together often and actually want to be able to talk and hear each other so crazy loud places are out.

ideal neighborhood would be mission/potrero/hayes valley probably but open on that too. sorry for the vague request, but there you have it...thanks very much in advance!

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    1. AQ
      Bar Agricole
      Zare at Fly Trap

        1. Partially depends on how soon this dinner is happening, and where you'll be able to get reservations.

          Agree with the Bar Tartine recommendation. I've really liked the food there overall, although I don't love the paprikash. The smoked potatoes are awesome.

          Other possibilities: Loló, Rich Table....and I haven't eaten at Range in quite a long time, but I think it would fit the bill as well.

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          1. re: Dave MP

            Note that although I love Bar Tartine, they do not have cocktails.

            I'd suggest AQ or Rich Table or if new is not a high priority Nopa or Cotogna.

            1. re: absc

              Oh, right you are, no cocktails at Bar Tartine. I was confusing their bar with Locanda's.

              1. re: absc

                Oh yeah, I also agree with the suggestion of NOPA.

                Zero Zero might work too, though it's not exactly in your desired neighborhood, and it might be pretty loud.

            2. In the Potrero/Soma border Skool.
              Agree on AQ and Absinthe.