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Mar 27, 2013 10:38 AM

Denver/Boulder - Where to buy El Yucateco Mayan hot sauce?

Random question probably, especially considering this is what finally motivated me to finally sign up here after years of lurking, but does anyone know of a store in Denver or Boulder that sells this sauce?

For reference, I'm referring to the XXXtra hot Kutbil-ik sauce. I recently moved to Boulder from Maryland and my local grocery store there sold it for like $1.79/bottle. Every couple months I'd go in there and buy every bottle on the shelf. Moved out here in January and brought several bottles as an emergency reserve but I've run out and the withdrawal is pretty miserable. I've been known to go through a bottle in a couple days before, I have a problem.

I gather it's a whole lot cheaper to buy in person than anywhere I've found online so that is my first preference (also, I hate online shopping due to impatience). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Boulder is most preferable but I work in Littleton and thus would gladly venture into Denver on my way home to pick some up.

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  1. It seems to me that there are several Latin markets that should be a good place to start. I don't know about locations in Boulder but a Google search should locate several for you near Federal Blvd. in Denver.

    1. I can check a couple of the latin marts on federal in the next few days and let you know..... I'm tied up for the weekend, but since you've provided a brand it'll be easier.

      1. I know this is VERY late answer.. but I love the stuff you were looking for. You can find the "Green" and "Red" Yucateco sauces (both very good IMO) in Wal-Marts... and some of the bigger King Soopers. To get the XXXHot stuff that you are seeking I found it getting really difficult.

        I finally found a treasure trove at the Avanza Supermarket on S. Federal at Lousiana. Google is telling me it's closed now permanently? If that's the case you might try the other Avanza up north. I seem to recall another large Latin grocery / carneceria somewhere near Federal/Alameda? Any locals know what I'm talking about?

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          Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions... Found it in boulder, at A&B Fruiteria and Carneceria. I had checked there a couple months ago and found none, but they must've been sold out because yesterday there were at least 15 bottles.

          1. re: NJsurfer30

            My nephews call it "Man Sauce". It certainly will put hair on your chest. I need to find again. Excruciatingly, horribly great stuff!