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Mar 27, 2013 09:50 AM

Fried chicken? [SF]

Where can I get the best fried chicken in San Francisco? I'm staying at the Chancellor Hotel in Union Square and using public transportation or taxi.
It doesn't have to be Southern, just tasty and crispy.

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  1. My current favorites are Front Porch and Firefly. I haven't been to Maverick since they changed their menu, but have liked the fried chicken in the past.
    If you are willing to Bart to Oakland, maybe Miss Ollie's?

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    1. re: absc

      Firefly's doing their Passover Menu right now. No fried chicken til April 9th

      1. re: bdl

        I think Firefly still serves Fried Chicken and other leavened foods during passover - it's not kosher.

        Another yes for Front Porch....though I'd warn you're eating in a dark dive bar unless you secure one of the outdoor seats, so an out of towner shouldn't expect much. It's also a little out of the way. though accessible by streetcar.

        1. re: sugartoof

          Firefly's menu for yesterday didn't have chicken of any sort on it.

          1. re: DougWeller

            The fried chicken dinners are on Tuesday.

            Since you're posting on a Tuesday, you must have visited on a Monday.

            (And the Passover dietary restrictions mentioned in this thread are long over, in case that causes further confusion.)

            1. re: sugartoof

              Thanks for that. I'm not in San Francisco but just read the menu yesterday..

        2. re: bdl

          They take the clams with bacon off the menu for Passover?

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Yes because clams and bacon taste lousy on matzoh.
            Manila Clams with Green Garlic, Chiles, Grilled Bread and Crispy Bacon 11.00

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              I think it's more of a "Would you like bread or Matzoh?" affair.

              Restaurants observing 100% typically shut down for business or use an alternative kitchens, as there are observers who even require a different set of dishes. If you're going to a non-Kosher restaurant, you're probably just happy as long as what they serve you is truly within the Passover guidelines.

              1. re: sugartoof

                Their Passover Menu, although not strictly "Kosher for Passover (see above), did not have any bread or flour (nor clams or bacon for that matter). They did have their Shrimp/Scallops potstickers "because we have to". And all tables were served only matzo. Not sure if bread was available on request.

                1. re: bdl

                  The first night or the duration of Passover. Pretty sure they just keep Passover specials for those interested, along with the regular menu.

                  1. re: sugartoof

                    One menu, all Passover, 8 nights. Went the first and the last night this year. Same menu. The Gefilte Fish rocked! (Sorry for the thread tangent).

                    1. re: bdl

                      They don't have standard menu items for non-observant customers in addition?

                      1. re: sugartoof

                        I think it's stylistically similar to their usual decide

          2. re: absc

            Sarah Kirnon of Miss Ollie's is the one who put Front Porch on the map.

            1. Give Farmer Brown a try. It's very good Southern style and an easy walk from your hotel.

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              1. re: smorgylvr

                I second Farmer Brown, and it's super close to the Chancellor Hotel. It's really cheap in the bar at happy hour, but get there before 5:30 if you want a seat. Was not impressed with Wayfare's at all. Haven't had Hard Water's, but the place is tiny with very little seating, and I hear it's usually packed.

                1. re: smorgylvr

                  Would Lil' Skillet be any closer than Farmer Brown?

                  1. Town Hall
                    Boxing Room
                    I havent had Charles Phan's at Hard Water yet

                    1. Wayfare Tavern in the Financial District. I believe they sous vide the chicken prior to fying, making for a moist and tender bird.

                      1. If you're interested in Asian preparation, I was at San Tung last week and thought their fried chicken wings were even better than I had remembered.

                        It's a bit far from Union Square though.