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Mar 27, 2013 09:00 AM

Bagel Loft - Crestwood (Eastchester Tuckahoe) NY

Stopped in yesterday while waiting for the train. I'll preface my review by saying, I don't eat cold cuts much anymore at all, but needed a sandwich for a long bus ride. Ordered a Turkey on a roll, with mayo and tomato.

The place is new and is immaculate. The service was spot on and while a few people were unaware of prices, that was fine. The sandwich with a drink came to $8.16 (haven't been to too many delis that don't round up or down on change - could be a problem if it was busier). For the size of the sandwich, it was very reasonably priced. It could have used more tomato, but I realize the prices of tomatoes have gone through the roof, so completely acceptable. What was shocking was the roll. Completely stale. The place has been open for about two weeks and this has me concerned about their bagels now. I'll give them another shot, but if the bread is stale during lunchtime, I'm worried about their bread supplier. I'll give them an incomplete and look forward to trying them for some bagels.

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  1. I went back to give the bagels another try. I had a WD everything with tuna. Contrary to my first post ( on another thread) in which I stated everything there looked as if it were commercially prepared, the tuna was housemade and not bad at all. The bagel however while still warm had little substance it was like cotton, soft and fluffy inside. Does anyone remember the days when you would take a bite out of a bagel and you would have to pull the bagel away from your mouth with some force to complete the bite because of the elasticity/chew :(

    So for those who are fond of a lighter fluffier bagel you will probably enjoy these... and I agree with jhopp217 they are very generous with the cream cheese, tuna...and the prices are very reasonable for what they give you.

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    1. re: chowdom

      I still like Park Place Bagels best in the area.

      1. re: roxlet

        Is that the one near Lange's? Went there about two years ago and wasn't impressed, but like I said, I was spoiled living on Garth Road for 20 years

      2. re: chowdom

        I hear ya on the "pull the bagel away," comment. Only places around here like that Scarsdale (on Garth) and Wykagyl (shoping center).

        I have to admit, the person in front of me asked for a dozen and they kept telling him how he can slice them, freeze them and toast them and they are "as good as fresh." Good bagels won't stand that test. Haven't tried them yet, but will soon

        1. re: chowdom

          I remember the elasticity/chew chowdom. My family was from Brooklyn and that is how I have measured every bagel since. This light and fluffy nonsense is just that and not a bagel at all - white bread doughnuts I call them.

          Do you have any recs for Westchester bagels that come close to the standard bearers, now just fading memories?

          1. re: laylag

            I remember great bagels as a kid growing up in Brooklyn.

            Years ago the bagel shop in High Ridge Plaza on Central Ave in Yonkers had very good ones.. But I haven't been there in a very long time. It's near the fabulous Italian A&S Pork store/deli.

            1. re: laylag

              The bad first...
              In spite of having an issue with consistency, as in for every few good bagels you get they throw in a dud and being maybe a tad sweeter than they need to be I find the bagels from Goldberg's famous on CentraI avenue in Yonkers to be the best I have tried in the area, I'm pretty sure I've tried them all. Their bagel twists are even better.

              I always order WD everything bagels and wd poppy twists. Goldberg's bagels do not retain their chewiness when toasted so I enjoy them more fresh and untoasted. I can freeze the twists and put them in the oven to defrost, (I don't turn the oven on) and they are perfect when defrosted.

              I used to like the bagels from Highridge Plaza in Yonkers too however they closed and are now owned by the folks who own Parkplace in Bronxville. While IMO not terribe they are nowhere as good as they used to be and for my taste not as good as Goldberg's.

          2. Why would you get a roll at a bagel place??

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            1. re: lemarais

              It's also a deli. It was 1:30. I wanted lunch. You haven't been to any places that do breakfast and lunch before?

              1. re: jhopp217

                You complained about the roll. I was explaining to you that it's risky to order a roll at a bagel place.

                I love bagels for lunch too, BTW.

                1. re: lemarais

                  It's just the name of the place. It's a deli