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Mar 27, 2013 07:23 AM

Delicious Caribbean Baked Goods - rum cakes & more outside of Stop and Shop

I was driving in the South Bay mall parking lot (Dorchester) passed the super-duper stop & shop, and outside the entrance there were a couple bake-sale tables staffed by two delightful ladies fund raising for the Redemption School in Troy, NY.

They are selling some fantastic rum cakes - banana, Malibu (coconut & crushed pineapple) and regular. I tasted all three and they are excellent - moist, not cloyingly sweet, with a bold rum flavor. I'd say they are way better than the packaged Tortuga rum cakes you'll find across the street at the TJ Maxx.

They had other things like cookies, black cake, some sort of cinnamon dusted bread loaf, and a few other things. I purchased a ripe-banana rum cake (about 8'' diameter, not huge, but those things are rich) for $9.99 and was pleased that they took credit cards.

A little Google sleuthing shows that they are sponsored by a Goodway Bakery, of Upstate New York.

I seriously might have to leave the rest at the nurse's station at work, because I'm eating too damn much of it - it's just so good.

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      Yeah, I didn't get it either. I was sold after the bit of cake I sampled. They could have been from Venus.