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Mar 27, 2013 07:14 AM

Double the cake recipe or bake two?

I'm making dessert for a large family reunion lunch on Easter and have chosen Bon Appetit's "Double Banana Cake." (


It's a round 2-layer cake that's supposed to serve 16, so I have a choice to make: can I double the recipe, bake half in each of two rectangular pans instead of four round ones, and serve it up as one large 2-layer cake - as opposed to two standard, round cakes? Would the bake time be affected?


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  1. I would bake 2 cakes.

    Doubling is tricky.

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      Thanks. I'm thinking the same thing. And I'm also thinking that it would be a lot easier to bake - and transport over back-country roads - a big batch of cookies than trying to deal with two layer cakes.