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Mar 27, 2013 06:45 AM

Fette Sau produces disappointing BBQ

Like many all over, I like well tempered well trimmed manicured BBQ, not the sloppy fatty greasy faux cue that they sell at Fette Sau. This is 'irony cue' based on a caricature of what southern cue would be in the mind of a Willieburgh hipster. I find it rather disgusting, and a disappointment, because good cue is purely sublime. Where of where can it be found in this here concrete jungle? Trim, spice, smoke, and maybe sauce (but not in Texas). All of the above predicated on a good trim. Anyone agree?

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  1. Um...I lived in Tennessee for nearly 7 years. The bbq down there, the fat was the best part SO LONG AS it was done properly...the fat would become incredibly tender and succulent. AS a Philadelphia Jewgirl who always liked her corned beef lean, I was stunned at how when it came to pork shoulder all I wanted was the fat. However, if the fat wasn't done right, it was just kinda gross and icky. If Fette Sau can't get the fat right, that's a heartbreaker!

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      Philadelphia Fette Sau serves that fat at barely room temperature, not for me. At least the Brooklyn one's food was temperature correct.

      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        I haven't tried the Fette Sau down here yet. I may or may not. I'm still too happy to be back in the land of yummy Yankee food.

    2. John Brown Smokehouse in LIC

      1. Have you tried Mabel's Smokehouse?

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          I had Mabel's once and I loved it. As I remember, the meat was very well trimmed, thoroughly smoked, and beautifully seasoned. The sides were also very tasty, especially the greens (hard to find good greens in NYC).

        2. I shall try both recs. Thanks folks.

          1. NY Jewboy have you tried Briskettown? Some of the best we've had in NY. Brisket, ribs and great pork shoulder when they make it. Give it a shot

            Staten Island jewboy