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Looking for Braided Easter Bread-- with the whole egg?

Looking for Italian (?) Braided Sweet Bread with the whole eggs displayed. Anything in Cambridge/Somerville/Watertown?


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  1. Not sure about Italian, but any of the Armenian markets in Watertown carry the Armenian/Greek version..

    1. Ditto on the Armenians & Greek markets but since Eastern/Greek Orthodox Easter isn't until May this year, they might not be carrying it yet.

      1. Antoine's in Nonantum has it.

        1. We make 9 loaves every year (see my avatar), but they get gobbled up by my family in short order. My favorite food of the year. They are a lot of work. My Gandmother passed it down to my Mother, who passed it down to my Daughter, who is now training my Grandaughter. Thank God!

          Mary Ann Esposito did a show on her version this past Saturday.

          Hope you find good ones (Casatiello).

          1. I am Polish and my grandmother would make her sweet bread for Easter with the eggs. I have seen it at Market Basket Stores

            1. Angelina's Bakery in Arlington Heights (Mass. Ave., across from St. Athanasius) had them on Monday. I think D'Agostinos does, too.

              1. Funny, I used to see this bread every Easter in my local Italian bakeries when I was a little kid in the 70s. Ditto for the cakes shaped like lambs with white coconut frosting. The bakeries are mostly gone and I haven't seen either for years.

                1. I know it is a bit out of your preferred geographical range, but Roma's Bakery on Main Street in Woburn sells this bread every year.

                  1. I bought one at Sophia's Greek Pantry in Belmont last year

                    1. The Portuguese version "folar de pascoa" is made by a number of local bakeries. Central Bakery in Cambridge usually has their entryway filled with shelves, separated by size and the number of eggs. I am probably going to get one from Winter Hill Bakery in Somerville where prefer their papo secos and other basic breads, but can't recall having their folar before. Central Bakery in Peabody and the Lowell Portuguese Bakery also make good versions.

                      A lot of supermarkets carry the Cambridge Central Bakery version like Demoula's Market Basket. There are also ones brought up from Fall River and New Bedford (Amaral's, maybe Tony's) which you could most readily find at a Portuguese market (Fernandes Fish, Courthouse Seafood, Cross St Market all in Cambridge/Somerville). But I think the best option is just picking it up at the bakery (or making your own!).

                      1. I've been able to get that in Salem St. in the North End. Its been a few years but I'm pretty sure the bakery is still there