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Mar 27, 2013 05:26 AM

Looking for Braided Easter Bread-- with the whole egg?

Looking for Italian (?) Braided Sweet Bread with the whole eggs displayed. Anything in Cambridge/Somerville/Watertown?


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  1. Not sure about Italian, but any of the Armenian markets in Watertown carry the Armenian/Greek version..

    1. Ditto on the Armenians & Greek markets but since Eastern/Greek Orthodox Easter isn't until May this year, they might not be carrying it yet.

      1. Antoine's in Nonantum has it.

        1. We make 9 loaves every year (see my avatar), but they get gobbled up by my family in short order. My favorite food of the year. They are a lot of work. My Gandmother passed it down to my Mother, who passed it down to my Daughter, who is now training my Grandaughter. Thank God!

          Mary Ann Esposito did a show on her version this past Saturday.

          Hope you find good ones (Casatiello).

          1. I am Polish and my grandmother would make her sweet bread for Easter with the eggs. I have seen it at Market Basket Stores