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Someplace snazzy in San Antonio, TX?

Molly Mar 3, 1999 08:05 PM

Looking for a suggestion for an elegant dining
experience in San Antonio, Texas.

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    Gary Cheong RE: Molly Mar 10, 1999 12:28 AM

    I've only been to San Antonio once a few years ago. 2
    "snazzy" places I can suggest are BIGA, and Las
    Canarias (in the hotel Mansion del Rio on the

    I've eaten at BIGA and the food was very good. Sorry,
    I lost the address and phone number. I have not eaten
    at Las Canarias -- the only thng I know is that the
    chef is Scott Cohen who used to cook in New York.

    Would NOT recommend Boudro's. Food was pretty

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    1. re: Gary Cheong
      DonB RE: Gary Cheong Mar 24, 1999 02:31 PM

      If you want a great meal get OFF Riverwalk.

      Downtown, there's a nice restaurant in the Fairmont
      Hotel (which is a charming inn-like place to stay). For
      the best food in town you'll need to head north to
      L'Etoile....a french seafood restaurant where the chef
      is sooooo.... motivated he drives to Houston to
      personally bring back the freshest seafood.

      1. re: DonB
        molly RE: DonB Mar 24, 1999 07:19 PM

        Quite coincidentally I did end up at the Fairmount
        Hotel--a very nice dining room called Polo's. The
        atmosphere was quietly elegant and we enjoyed the jazz
        bar after dinner. I very much enjoyed my meal of
        brandied grilled vegetables served on a parmesan
        risotto. I would recommend Polo's as an alternative to
        the Riverwalk atmosphere.

        1. re: molly
          RonZ. RE: molly Mar 23, 2000 08:36 PM

          I read some of the other posts and I'm sad to say that Biga's on Locust street closed. (However, Bruce Auden, the owner/chef is opening another Biga on the Riverwalk)...check to see if his restaurant is open yet.... it may be another month or so before itsd ready to go.... what I liked best there was his "Game Packets"... sort of lettuce tacos, (Raddichio, really)with a combination of quail, antelope and some other wild game inside.... they have two or three great sauces to go along with them... a habanero sauce, a sweet soy-based sauce and another one...all great.

          Bruce's sous chef opened his own restaurant, called Silo, on the Austin Highway about eight blocks north of its intersection with Broadway. The owner/chef, Mark Bliss, is also a musician, and he really knows how to blend flavors with harmony... that's what you're looking for anyway, isn't it? A surprising meeting of flavors in your mouth? Mark can improvise a new tune that way every night. Enjoy!

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