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Mar 27, 2013 04:25 AM

Begur/Costa Brava Revisited


I see there has not been an update on Begur and that particular area of the Costa Brava in quite some time. I have a list of places already put together, but would love some additional suggestions!

I live in Barcelona, but am renting a villa just outside Begur for a week in May. I have been up in that area of the Costa Brava a few times, but as I don't drive, I also don't usually pick the restaurants. As we are serious Catalan wine lovers, we will probably stick to going farther away from Begur (i.e. Cadaques) for lunch time and want to stay as close as possible to Begur (i.e. max 20 minute drive) for dinner. We will probably end up cooking a few dinners in the house, so as really to enjoy the wine of D.O. Emporda! Here is the list I have put together which is close to Begur:

Restaurant Ibèric
Hostal Sa Tuna

For places a bit more of a drive away:

Sant Pau is closed for this part of May :(
Can Fabes I love, but don't want to drive that far down.
I've heard great things about Les Cols.
We have a reservation already at Compartir in Cadaques for lunch.

Que más?? Any others? I had dinner at Celler de Can Roca last month and loved it, but want to try new places.

Suggestions welcome!

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  1. I have been racking my brain all day to remember one of the restaurants we had dinner at in Begur in 2011. We sat on a lovely terrace. There were, if I remember correctly, large metal sculptures of animals or bugs on fences (sounds atrocious, but they were fantastic). Looked kind of like a house inside, but neither of us went in. Nice view from the terrace (up an incline street to get there, then down some steps to the terrace). I write the details hoping someone else will be able to identify. The food was just fantastic.

    ETA: The restaurant with the terrace was Can Nasi. We absolutely loved our meal there, and service was fantastic.

    We stayed at Aiguaclara and had one dinner there. It, too, was a very, very good meal. We had very good service at that dinner and all of our breakfasts.

    1. Just got back from 5 days in Barcelona and 3 in the Costa Brava. Two of our meals were among the top 5 of all time for us (Tickets in Barcelona and Bo Tic in Palamós. Stayed one night in Castell D'emporida.Highly recommend Bo Tic for molecular cuisine. One of our top meals of all time, rivalling Tickets in Barcelona. Very elegant restaurant with gracious service. We spent the second hight in Begur at Hotel Aigua Blava but only ate breakfast there. Instead we had a basic, but excellent fish dinner at Sa Recassa in Aiguafreda, (after a harrowing night drive down the mountain to the beach for a midwesterner). My only regret is that it was too cold to eat outside. We also had a lovely lunch in Girona but I'll have to add that restaurant at a later date.

      In Barcelona we stayed at Hotel 1898 and enjoyed Tickets immensely , El Pescador - which is really underrated, Taco Meralgo, Tapas 24, (as well as 2 tapas bars in Boqueria.) Currently having severe case of tapas withdrawal!

      Last night of our trip we had the tasting menu at the stunning Hotel Miramar.

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        Thanks atlevsky & debblel! I had forgot about my post and now the dates are coming up! I have booked Moments in Barcelona, Ca Recassa in Aiguafred (atlevsky, this was also recommended by a local friend!) Pa i Raim in Palafruguell and La Plaça in Girona, and lunch at Compartir in Cadaques.

        We want to keep a lot of meals open so we can cook in the amazing kitchen that the house has, but we are also considering:

        Ca la Juanita
        El teatre en Regencos
        Hostal Sa Tuna

        Ill be sure to report back because this is such a beautiful area of Spain and there is not a lot of information on Chowhound beyond the classics.

      2. We had lunch at Casamar two weeks ago--the lunch-only tasting menu. Some clever things, like a "mojito" as a pica pica, honeydew soaked in minty fluid. Rather like the "drunken watermelon" offered at Tickets. But I was on the whole not much impressed. First, all five or six mains appeared on the table simultaneously: "Eat your wontons fast, they'll get cold!" "Nice foie gras--why is all that citrusy sauce running onto the tablecloth?"

        And so on. My salady dish contained aged, brown lettuce. The server shrugged. When we thought we were about done, out came a large bowl of inky rice with calamari. Delicious enough, and we picked at it, wishing it had appeared earlier.

        An off day?