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Mar 27, 2013 12:22 AM

Pressure cookers

I'm on the lookout for local stores that carry quality modern pressure cookers. I think it's time to give the technology a try again.

Can't seem to find any tho, only online...

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  1. Might sound crazy but Canadian tire on Cambie has a pretty decent selection, nothing super mod though

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    1. re: vandan

      Of course, Can Tire would be a good bet. I tried London Drugs, Future Shop etc but no dice.
      I can always just order online but it'd be nice to shop local.

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        Cambie/7th Crappy Tire store has a very decent selection of small kitchen appliances. But if not on sale, prices are not totally competitive.

      2. I noticed that Ikea has started to carry them. I've seen some at Winners and at HomeSense. There are a few Indian stores that carry Indian style pressure cookers (the ones that whistle) that look modern.

        What brands are you looking for? I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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        1. re: fmed

          While counting whistles is a common way of timing in India, the manufacturer's don't actually recommend it. According to a Hawkins manual: 'Begin timing the instant full pressure is reached, as indicated by the sound of steam escaping from around the vent weight and a movement of the weight.'

          'Now lower the heat. ... if the heat is not lowered, there is no danger... because the vent weight will automatically lift to allow excess pressure to escape [this is the whistle]. However, frequent 'letting off' of steam .. indicates that the heat is too high ... fuel is merely being wasted.'

          The Hawkins futura line is the one that looks modern.

          1. re: paulj

            Thanks paulj, yes - it is the Hawkins brand I was thinking of.

            (betterthabbourdain - if you are around, maybe you can comment on you Hawkin's puchase).

              1. re: fmed

                depends on what you are looking to do.

                there are two kinds of pressure cookers. as in the way they work. according to the modernist cuisine, when they were comparing stocks made in pressure cooker, there was a noticeable taste difference when using one vs the other.

                according from what I've heard and read, if you got the bucks to spend get the kuhn rikon. someone posted a link i think citychef. call them and pick it up in richmond and save maybe 20% iirc.

                i do have the hawkins futura(india) or something similar. as well as another japanese pressure cooker which i find better than the hawkins. though the hawkins i picked up for 50-60$ new as per fmed suggested,

            1. re: fmed

              Thanks, Fagor and Tramontina were a couple I've heard are good. I'm open at this point to whatever is well rated.

              I'll check into the Hawkins one as well.

              1. re: eatrustic

                I have noticed that here in Nepal Hawkins is definitely the king of all pressure cookers

            2. fwiw - there is an article about pressure cookers on page 204 of the April 2013 issue of Chatelaine mag - a cdn publication avail at most supermarkets - and usually on the shelves at the library - Pressure Cookers 101 - they compare 3 diff brands - they "like" each one for diff features - all are 6 quarts

              1. Fresco Pressure Cooker Model FPC6075 from the Shopping Channel - 120 dollars
              2, Presto - Home Hardware - 100 dollars
              3. DillKott - Ikea - $50
              end of list.

              ps - there are also various recipes in the same mag for pressure cookers.

              1. Can't recommend a model, I'll leave that to America's Test Kitchen, but I do have a couple of thoughts based on my experiences.
                1) Get the biggest one you can. You can't fill them to the top so even the largest pot will cook a smaller amount than it's rated capacity, plus, you can use it without the pressure lid to cook other things as well.
                2) Make room in your freezer. Start saving all your vegetable trimmings in a bag. When you have couple of handfuls you can make the most amazing stock. Keep your beef bones and meat trimmings as well. Start looking for stewing chickens. Pressure cookers extract all the gelatin from bones and every last bit of flavour from old tough chickens. Your soup will be amazing. Have fun.

                1. Williams Sonoma carries Fagor and a couple of other brands

                  And Walmart carries Hawkins Ecobase
                  This Indian brand is one of most prevalent pressure cookers in the world (along with Prestige). These things are used nearly daily there so they have to be workhorse tough.

                  Check Sabzi Mandi (the big one at Fraser and Marine Dr ish) for Hawkins Futura. Futura seems to have a cult following. Search the Cookware section here on Chowhound for feedback.

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                  1. re: fmed

                    There are a lot of threads on the Cookware board about pressure cookers. Brands that get most mention are
                    Kuhn Rikon (expensive) and Fagor. But I don't know about their availability in Canada. Because parts like the gaskets need to be replaced, you should choose a brand that will continue to sell those parts for years to come.