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Any Midnight snacks you enjoy ?

I don't often snack late. But I do enjoy a liitte bit of cheese,crackers ,or a piece of fruit before bed sometimes.On the otherhand if I eat ice cream or cookies late I get heartburn. What snacks do you enjoy late at night?

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  1. In my youth, a big greasy grilled cheese from the place down the street, with as many fries as would fit stuffed into it. Now, my last glass of wine. In the fifty year gap between? Whatever fit.

    I have always tended to be either hungry or not; I don't know how typical/atypical that might be. I know that if I eat much now within a couple of hours before bed I'll probably regret it, but I wake up ready for serious food, unlike Mrs. O who needs a slow introduction.

    1. Only my friends believe me -- previously steamed, cold kale, chard and other greens, dipped into vinegar. Yum. Can't get enough.

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        Okay, it isn't a late night snack for me but you aren't alone. Greens in vinegar, cold or hot. Yum

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          Oh wow, enlighten me! I love greens and I love vinegar!

          1. Ice cream is my favorite midnight snack. Also cheese.

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              my OH does the same... well he eats rainbow sherbet. or blood orange sorbet. but likes his dessert then.

            2. Peanut butter and honey sandwich... actually I like that at any time.

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              1. A generous peanut butter and jelly sandwich on multigrain bread and a BIG glass of cold milk.

                1. A big spoon of peanut butter right from the jar.

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                      btw, just between the two of us, I lied about the one-spoonful bit. It's more than one. Shh.

                  1. Usually salted nuts. Hold your jokes, now...
                    Peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc...
                    They're satisfying without making me feel stuffed.

                    1. Cheese
                      Rolled turkey with cheese with a little mayo.
                      Trail mix with a dollop of bleu cheese
                      Dark chocolate dipped into PB or the crack Biscoff spread..holy crap its so frigging good.

                      1. cheese and crackers if I get peckish before bed.

                        Sometimes, ice cream - but that gives me CRAZY dreams!

                        1. Peanut butter on saltines
                          Greek yogurt with a little maple syrup
                          Wheaties with milk
                          Toast with butter and jam

                          1. sliced apples, those Cutie oranges and celery with PB.

                            1. A bowl of any colorful or chocolate cold cereal that I wasn't allowed to have as a kid, topped with vanilla almond milk.

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                                +1 I will often dive into a bowl of Cap'n Crunch and vanilla almond milk

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                                  I'm not a cereal chick but reading the beloved Cap'n Crunch has my mouth all drooling for a big bowl right this second..

                                  Going today and getting me some of that!

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                                    Yea, not a big cereal fan either unless it's Cap'n Crunch or Bran Flakes.

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                                      Cap'n Crunch use to cut the inside of my mouth to bits. Each time I was pregnant though Rice Krispies kept me from hurling.

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                                        Oh it still does this especially as I hate soggy cereal.

                                2. Cottage cheese and peanut butter, aka bodybuilder's snack.

                                  1. Any kind of dessert - preferably containing chocolate and/or ice cream.

                                    Also, mixed nuts.

                                    1. whatever might be left over from dinner. I tend to like spicy food late at night, although I read its not a good idea, apparently it keeps some people awake. When I read the title line my first thought was 'bowl of chili', the next was 'cold pizza', after that spaghetti, hamburger, which deteriorated into any kind of sandwich I can easily slap together.

                                      I'm not a light snacker. If I'm hungry enough to wake up, i want something more than a candy bar or some nuts. I know the nuts or a piece of fruit might be better for me - but in the middle of the night I'm not known for rational thinking.

                                      1. Cold cereal with almond milk or just dry out of the box, cottage cheese with bread or crackers dipped in, frozen yogurt

                                        1. Almond butter on saltines
                                          Real popcorn
                                          Cold pizza
                                          Cold steak

                                          1. Ice cream, popcorn or Ants on a Log.

                                            1. I go for leftover cold protein. Chicken, steak, pork chops. Or if its a sweet I crave its a peaches and cream curty wurty popcicle. Or a fun pop