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Mar 26, 2013 09:41 PM

Any Midnight snacks you enjoy ?

I don't often snack late. But I do enjoy a liitte bit of cheese,crackers ,or a piece of fruit before bed sometimes.On the otherhand if I eat ice cream or cookies late I get heartburn. What snacks do you enjoy late at night?

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  1. In my youth, a big greasy grilled cheese from the place down the street, with as many fries as would fit stuffed into it. Now, my last glass of wine. In the fifty year gap between? Whatever fit.

    I have always tended to be either hungry or not; I don't know how typical/atypical that might be. I know that if I eat much now within a couple of hours before bed I'll probably regret it, but I wake up ready for serious food, unlike Mrs. O who needs a slow introduction.

    1. Only my friends believe me -- previously steamed, cold kale, chard and other greens, dipped into vinegar. Yum. Can't get enough.

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        Okay, it isn't a late night snack for me but you aren't alone. Greens in vinegar, cold or hot. Yum

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          Oh wow, enlighten me! I love greens and I love vinegar!

          1. Ice cream is my favorite midnight snack. Also cheese.

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              my OH does the same... well he eats rainbow sherbet. or blood orange sorbet. but likes his dessert then.

            2. Peanut butter and honey sandwich... actually I like that at any time.

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