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Mar 26, 2013 07:04 PM

Suggestions for upcoming trip

My wife and I will be coming to Manhattan in June. Our flight will be landing at 10:30am on Thursday and we will be there for 4 nights (4 lunches and 4 dinners).

Any suggestions for lunch and dinner for the 4 days? Also, we would consider going out for a special breakfast.

We have eaten at the following places:
Daniel (dinner)
Momofuku KO (lunch and dinner) would like to eat lunch here again
Jean Georges (lunch) ?lunch again
Cafe Boulud (dinner)
Maze (lunch)
Convivio and Alto (RIP)
The Modern (lunch)
Gilt (dinner)
Aureole (dinner)

Other than Jean Georges and Ko we would like to try some new places.

I have looked at the following:
Per Se (lunch or dinner)
Le Bernardin
Gordon Ramsay
11 Madison Park
4 Seasons

I have also inquired about eating a the chef's table at Gordon Ramsay. I was quoted $300 per person plus wine... Any thoughts about this?

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  1. For your lunch and dinner meals on your trip, what's your budget, before tax, tip, wine/drinks?

    Do you want to cram in as many fine dining meals as possible during your trip (Thursday through Sunday)?

    Note that some of the places you have listed are not open Sundays, such as Le Bernardin and Gordon Ramsay at the London.

    What did you like about JG and Ko enough to make you want to eat there again? What made you want to consider Per Se, Le Bernardin, Gordon Ramsay, EMP, and the Four Seasons? Any ones that you're leaning towards?

    Can you give a little more details regarding your tastes, preferences, favorite foods, foods you dislike, etc.?

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    1. re: kathryn

      As far as budget goes, $300 pp for dinner and about 1/2 that for lunch.

      Yes, we would like to eat 8 great meals while we are there.

      My wife loved the service and surroundings at JG. I loved the variation and unique dishes at Ko. My wife was not a fan of dinner at Ko so on our next trip she went shopping and I went to Ko solo (she spent $475 shopping and I spent $330 at Ko :)

      My wife loves foie gras terrine/tourchon and she has already asked me several times if it was going to be available at any of the restaurants that we visit. I like new and different spins on classic dishes. My favorite classic style is French. My wife tries to avoid things that are raw or "under cooked".

      As far a foie gras goes, are there any shops that you can recommend where you can buy prepared foie gras? When we visited Paris we purchased some foie gras in a glass jar and some bread and enjoyed it on a bench with some wine as we were people watching.

      1. re: 3StarsFoodie

        BTW, you probably don't need to spend $150pp on lunch unless you absolutely want to. See this big list of prix fixe lunches:

        So no Italian? No Asian?

        If your wife does not like things that are raw or "under cooked" maybe Le Bernardin is not the right place for her -- what they do best is stuff that is very lightly cooked or almost raw. They can probably accomodate her preferences if you really want to go, though.

        A very similar inquiry re: foie gras terrine:

    2. Nix Gordon Ramsay.

      Just not worth the time, much less the money.

      I stay at the London quite a bit, and I seriously cannot imagine anything coming out of that kitchen that would make a chef's table worth 300/per -- even at Manhattan prices.

      For everything else, I defer to kathryn.

      1. Since you liked Convivio and Alto (I mourn their passing too) you might want to try Ciano or Maialino. I would also recommend some newer places like The Marrow and Louro. Foir Asian food, Kin Shop is always great, and Kittichai has a new chef who is doing a wonderful job. For higher end Asian (okay, French technique with Asian ingredients), Jungsik is a must.

        1. if you're really down for 8 high-end meals, I think I'd personally go;

          Lunch: Del Posto, Jean-Georges, Ko, and the Modern
          Dinner: Jung Sik, Per Se, atera, and Corton (wanted to find a way to get annisa on here but if $ is really no object than I think these 4 might edge it out)

          keep in mind this is going to be A LOT of food and extermely rich food at that. just a suggestion, but maybe you'd want to space things out just a bit with 1 or 2 more fun, low-key lunches and perhaps one lower-end dinner. things such as katz's, russ and daughters, luke's lobster, kin shop, and mission chineese come to mind as amazingly delicious places that could serve to break up the fine-dining.