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Mar 26, 2013 06:56 PM

Minneapolis Dish of the Month (April 13) - Nominations

As the month draws to an end and the fish fry's are too we have a chance to have a new DOTM for the cities.

Respond to this thread with your nominations. Again, ALL CAPS are not required.

Items nominated in the past can be nominated again.

Nominations will close at 6pm on the 29th of March.

There are plenty of spring veggies that will be popping up, chard, asparagus, scapes and the like so feel free to feed the upcoming spring season (short as it may be).

Spring also brings tender young meat to sample such as lamb, suckling pig and more.

Nominations for April are now open!

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    1. re: jeff55432

      Actually, I take that back.....I nominate Mac & Cheese

      1. re: american_idle

        Sandwiches was honest nomination, "Iconic" was slightly sarcastic.

        1. re: american_idle

          Since iconic sandwiches was obviously a joke, how is the coordinator supposed to know that he's supposed to take it seriously as a nomination? The seriousness of it is not as obvious as the sarcasticness of it.


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            Sorry, it's the internet, intent doesn't always come across. Even so, I don't think it's any reason to leave and never return.

            I nominated sandwiches because it's something I can participate in as a vegetarian.

            1. re: american_idle

              I think sandwiches is a wonderful nomination (although I'm not sure it's specific enough to qualify as a "dish of the month" according to the original parameters of the project, I think something like reuben sandwiches might be a more specific fit, but then again, things evolve, right?).

              In fact, I had banh mi sandwiches as a nomination until changing my mind to bread pudding. My only point is that if you're making jokes, it's hard for the organizer to discern the degree to which you're serious.

              I can see how you could feel pretty shut out of fish fry month. Sorry about that. But, that sometimes happens with these collaborative eating and cooking projects. For instance, Fish Without a Doubt was once (twice, actually) our Cookbook of the Month over on Home Cooking. I suspect a number of people had to go find something else to cook that month. I always feel bad when these things turn out to be less inclusive for whatever reason.

              I think it's totally okay for you to point that out in the nominations or voting discussion "Hey, I'd like to participate but I'm a vegetarian." I'll bet some people would be willing to adjust their thinking for the sake of inclusiveness. After all, it's the collaborative effort makes these O-T-M projects different from any other posts on Chowhound. The more people collaborating, the more fun it is.


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                A couple of things.

                1) Sausage was my nomination, and it was an honest one. There's lots of good sausages out there, and with spring comes grilling, and with grilling comes, well, sausages.

                2) About the inclusiveness thing. I get what you're saying, and I like to default on more inclusive whenever possible. On the other hand, I don't feel bad when the XOTM is anything specific. Because there's always someone that for some reason doesn't eat X. While it's good to be as inclusive as possible, it's not possible to include everyone all of the time. I personally don't like pho or omelets. That's cool, I didn't participate. I hope I'm not coming off sounding like an ass, and as mentioned upthread, intent is hard on the interwebs. But I think a fact of life is that whenever something is chosen for a group, be-it a movie, a vacation time, dinner, or a DOTM, someone won't be able to participate for some reason - food preference, timing, not liking a movie genre, etc. To me, that's OK, as long as folks have opportunities to participate along the line.

                BTW - there are a few vegetarian sausage offerings in the Twin Cities...

                1. re: foreverhungry

                  You know, in the Cookbook of the Month threads, we have "process" discussions almost every freakin' month (for six years people! And, yet, I agree it is necessary to refine and adapt to keep things relevant) and there is always that tension between inclusiveness and passion.

                  When I first started participating in COTM, I always erred on the side of inclusiveness. Now, (five years later) I'd rather people choose the book (or dish) that they are most passionate about, because that's when people are really going to get into it and that's what generates the best discussions.

                  But, there are those times when you don't have a clear favorite and knowing that a particular dish might appeal to a broader group of people might tip you in another direction.

                  But, yes, if you don't like the dish is chosen for whatever reason, you can always find something else to eat for a month (or continue to post to old threads if you're still exploring pho or ramen or whatever), and then hop back in the next month.


                  1. re: foreverhungry

                    To be clear, I would never whine about not being included, but my nomination was broad to include myself. I thought Fish Fry was perfect for the month despite the fact I'm vegetarian and atheist. It made total sense.