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Mar 26, 2013 06:54 PM

Mini road trip outside of NOLA

My husband and I will be in NOLA for a week and are renting a car to check out the area outside of NOLA. We will be leaving New Orleans, head to Lafayette on route 90, stay in a cabin in Breaux Bridge‎, and drive through Baton Rouge on our way back to New Orleans. Any suggestions in great food options/restaurants on these routes? We would also be interested in things in NOLA that are hard to get to since we will have a car. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Spahr's in Des Allemands is well known for their fried catfish. I liked their seafood gumbo better.

    You're in season to get off Highway 90 at Jeanerette and make it to the Yellow Bowl, well known for crawfish etouffee.

    I always recommend Soop's in Maurice for their lunch special and their gumbos. Authentic shrimp and okra gumbo without the roux. Great seafood gumbo, as well as chicken and sausage gumbo.

    Also in Maurice, Villager's Cafe for poboys! The pot roast poboy knocks it out of the park!

    Have fun. I wish I were down there at this time of year.

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      Thanks for the recs! I also heard that villagers cafe was great but have not heard of the others. Thanks again!

    2. We did a similar route, awhile back.

      We were told to try B&C Seafood, in Vacherie, on our way back from Baton Rouge. It was fun and tasty.

      However, this recommendation was driven, in no small part, by the fact that we were visiting the Laura plantation that morning.

      The River Road is fascinating!

      Happy travels.

      1. B & C Seafood Market & Cajun Restaurant
        2155 Highway 18
        Vacherie, LA 70090
        (225) 265-8356

        Café des Amis
        140 East Bridge Street
        Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

        Hawk's Restaurant
        416 Hawks Rd
        Rayne, LA 70578
        (337) 788-3266

        Hymel's Seafood Restaurant
        8740 LA 44
        Convent, LA, 70723
        (225) 562-9910

        Poche's Market
        3105-A Main Hwy.
        Breaux Bridge, LA 70617
        (337) 332-2108

        Soop's Seafood & Steak House
        8218 Maurice Ave.
        Maurice, LA 70555
        (337) 893-2462

        Spahr's Seafood Restaurant
        1400 W Tunnel Blvd.
        Houma, LA 70360
        (985) 873-8740

        Villager's Café
        8400 Maurice Ave.
        Maurice, LA 70555
        (337) 898-1554

        Yellow Bowl
        19466 Hwy 182 W
        Jeanerette, LA 70544
        (337) 276-5512

        1. I would skip Poche's. In New Orleans, since you have a car you could go to Ralph's on the Park, Patois, or Dick & Jenny's.

          1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! We were also thinking about getting Vietnamese outside of the city: Ding phuong for banh mi or Pho tau bay restaurant.