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Mar 26, 2013 06:20 PM

No love for Clusi Batusi?

Been there twice now and tried 3 of their pizzas: margherita, Clusi favorite & spicy meatball. I really like the crust--chewy but not overly so, and doesn't toughen up as it cools. They tend to oversauce their tomato-sauced pies, but that's not a major deterrent for me. It's cheap & fast, and a great alternative to all the mobbed Asian places in that block (actually, just that building). At prime time last night, we were sadly one of only 2 occupied tables... I think they deserve a bit more love.

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  1. No love for Clusi Batusi from me.

    It was okay, but just okay. There's nothing special going on here; it's another pizza place. I expected some interesting toppings...was hoping for something Asian...but there is nothing there that draws me back.

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    1. re: liu

      i find it similar to 800 degrees but with fewer (and much more traditional) choices for toppings. why did you expect something Asian? it's not a fusion pizza place. maybe i'm just a purist but I generally find the likes of Thai BBQ pizza, Szechwan pizza & tandoori pizza strange and unappealing. gimme a neopolitan pie any day of the week, although Clusi isn't exactly neopolitan. But for those who find 800 degrees' soggy middle unappealing, Clusi might fit the bill. I, for one, don't mind the soggy middle. I like my neopolitan pizza the most authentic traditional way with minimal toppings with a super thin, almost see-thru crust. I also like milo & olive/mozza style, new york, chicago, standard "american" (eg Abbott's) for what they are, just for different reasons.

      1. re: soniabegonia

        Hi, soniabegonia!

        I did not "expect" something Asian; rather, I was hoping for something Asian -- or "different." There is a lot of good competition on Sawtelle and I was hoping for something that would call me back into Clusi. That just didn't happen for me.

    2. Ate there just yesterday. Had 2 pies myself. Sort of like the old saying about Martinis and women's breasts (no misogyny or objectification intended). One's not enough, and three's too many.

      Is it the best Neo. Pizza in town? Nope.
      Do I love it? Well, enough to keep me going back.

      I too worried about their business, as I was the only one the at 11:45am, but things got rolling shortly after that, so good for them.

        1. I guess, if I'm making the trek to Sawtelle, I would try other places, like Tsujita, Plan Check, Seoul Sausage, even the Vietnamese place. Plus Bachi Burger is opening up sometime this Spring. With your recommendation, maybe I'll try it sometime.

          For me to try a new pizza place, it would have to be comparable to Milo & Olive, Mozza, Vitos or Settebello in Pasadena. Also Grimaldi's is coming to El Segundo. 800 degrees did not fit the bill for me plus their gelato sucked.

          1. Finally tried it this afternoon. I enjoyed it. I had the Clusi Favorite and thought it was simply but satisfying. Also enjoyed the crust. I think I actually like the crust at Clusi Batusi better than 800 deg but the toppings at 800 deg are more interesting to me.For a final verdict, I'll have to try both in rapid succession.... ;)