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Mar 26, 2013 06:03 PM

Near Grace Cathedral [San Francisco]

I am going to a concert at Grace Cathedral Friday at 7pm. I am looking for somewhere nice to eat, either at 5:30pm or 9:30pm. Any cuisine, prefer walking distance if possible. Price negotiable :)

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  1. The Big 4 is right across the street. That's the top of Nob Hill so getting there is a steep walk uphill from most other places. Keiko à Nob Hill is two blocks away.

    You could eat at Perbacco and take the cable car.

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      I live around there and I would highly recommend Keiko a Nob Hill. The food is very refined, though still light and creative—which is about what you would expect given chef Keiko Takahashi's roots and her classic french training. If the tasting menu doesn't make sense, there is a small bar-type seating where you can order a la carte starting at 5:30pm. Scroll down the menu page to see the a la carte offerings:

      If you are ok with a more casual and creative experience, then try Sons & Daughters (4 blocks SE of the Cathedral). It's about the same price as Keiko once tip and the Healthy SF surcharge is added in, but I'm not sure it is as good of a value given that it used to be something like 4 courses/$48 (to be fair, the menu is now twice as long).

      If you want something really fast and casual, go to the Sons & Daughters spinoff called Sweet Woodruff that does soups, sandwiches, and bistro fare (3 blocks south and open until 10 PM).

    2. Venticello is a nice Italian place just 3 blocks away. I haven't been there in a while, but it was a great choice for us when we had a concert at the Masonic Center.