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Yin Du Wonton Noodle Opens In Chinatown [San Francisco]

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Yin Du Wonton Noodle has replaced Cheung Yuen at 648 Pacific Ave. For a noodle restaurant it has a short menu. Fewer than 10 listings in the wonton/noodle soup heading. They do have a separate heading called "Dishe Noodle" which bears a passing resemblance to lo mein, i.e., boiled noodles with sauce instead of soup. However this is made with the thin H.K. style egg noodles, not the thicker noodles often seen in lo mein dishes. Also, comes with dipping broth like you get with tsukemen at Japanese restaurants. Most dishes are under $5 and my fish ball noodles were $4.30. Pretty good for the economy minded, though the portions are not especially large either.

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  1. small portions= lower price.
    had the wonton soup. pork filling bland, had no shrimp
    broth has way too much msg.

    1. Has anyone tried the jook (congee) here?