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Mar 26, 2013 04:53 PM

best German in Leavenworth

Of the several German restaurants in Leavenworth, what's your favorite? We're looking for more of a fine-dining meal--not extremely stuffy and formal, necessarily, but a little more than beer and brats at a biergarten. Kitsch is fine (of course it is...we're talking about Leavenworth!) We really like The Rheinlander in Portland, so something along those lines would be great.


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  1. For my family, King Ludwig and their schweinhoxe is the best German food in Leavenworth. We live in Wenatchee, and eat in Leavenworth often. However, our favorite Leavenworth restaurant is South.

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      Thanks much!

      Yeah, I know there are probably other good (maybe better) restaurants in Leavenworth--but we have those in Seattle, too. What we lack down here is a really good German restaurant. There are a few pubs with a limited German menu, but nothing a little more fancy and high-end. A good German dinner is going to be the carrot to get my husband to make the drive!