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Mar 26, 2013 04:41 PM

The Nilgiris --- South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

Absolutely Excellent!!! Lunch not at all busy except for take out! 2 visits, both times had Bombay Thali which was plentiful, choice of naan or puri ( nis-spell ), an incredible, but plain rice and everything so flavourful. And no sign of oil, just great tastes. Lunch buffets Fri., Sat., and Sun. lunch I assume, will have t check it out. Took their card and was at the 4525 Ebenezer Road location, south side, Gore Center Plaza , best described as north-west of Hwy 7 and Hwy 50. Another location in Scarborough that I was told a lesser location. The food so great and well worth seeking out. Have not checked site

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    1. I stopped in before Christmas on the recommendation of the Globe and Mail's new food critic. It was definitely a much better than average lunch buffet.

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        Whoop Dee Doo, so glad to hear that you as well did enjoy the food. You give insight that the Globe article hit it right on, but the location is rather distant. I would say it is a go way out of your way go to! I will l soon try the bufet, but just did look at the Internet Site, and it would give Chowhounders an idea of the menu, dismiss the truly clean & non decorative restaurant, but absorb the food. I would add that besides the wonderful lack of oil within the vegetarian food, it just tastes so good, an accomplishment indeed!

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          I am so used to "whoop dee do" being used in a sarcasm I was expecting some after your post ;)

          Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I have noted it in case I am ever in the area

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            Just a very happy exclamation, such very tasty food and a vegetarian escape from use of cooking oil that sometimes is over utilized!

      2. Totally enjoyed my meal there back in the summer. Worth checking out.

        1. I had a cheese Masala Dosa at the Scarborough location and it was good. Kind like a grilled cheese sandwich. Sri lankan style.