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Toronto in the last 6 months?

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I've been away at school for the last six months or so and due to this I haven't kept up to date on the toronto food scene very much. Prior to leaving for school I was pretty knowledgable so really only looking for info at great places that have opened in the last year.

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  1. Your best bet would probably be to read over the threads here or check out the "food news" listings in BlogTO, Toronto Life, Post City, etc.

    Summary - a lot of new ramen places

    If you were in the know 6 months ago then you probably would have known about a lot of the places opening. I don't think there is anything ground breaking that has opened up since September. Guess there are new spots like Electric Mud (Grand Electric's people's new "BBQ" spot) but overall seems like a lot of asian places (including the ramen spots) from my first reflection on it.

    1. Taste is subjective. Here are the new places I can recall:
      - The Whippoorwhill
      - The Emerson
      - JaBistro
      - Zakkushi
      - The Guild

      also, both Colborne Lane and Coiwbell have closed,