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Nov 18, 1997 03:40 PM

Eating in Dallas

  • k

I'm looking for a
restaurant in
Dallas. I've read
about the French
room, but I'm
worried that it
might be a little
Maybe Cafe Pacific
is more
interesting. But is
it just as

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  1. Hi Kate,

    I can recommend one of the top places in Dallas -- The
    Mansion on Turtle Creek. The room is quite lovely
    without being too stuffy. Dress is quite formal
    though (jacket & tie for men). I was there last year,
    and Dean Fearing made me a wonderful tasting menu.
    The food is south-western and some of it quite spicy,
    so make sure you like that sort of food if you go.

    E-mail me if you want the phone number and address.


    1. The French Room is excellent, elegant, expensive and as you say, "fuddy-duddy." Also excellent, not quote as elegant, not as expensive, and very romantic is Cafe Highland Park in the Highland Park Village, a lovely very old shopping village in a very nice neighborhood. 214-521-7300 for reservations. Cafe Pacific is also in the Village (more noisy), as is Patrizio's (also noisy), but both are very good. Thursday night in the Village is crowded, and reservations are a must Thursday, Friday and Saturday.