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Mar 26, 2013 03:05 PM

Paging Hazelhurst re:Clancy's

Hazelhurst - While visiting last spring, I had dinner at Clancy’s. It was my first time there in maybe ten years and I’d forgotten how good they are: as in, it was the best meal of a three-week stay. I had crab salad, sweetbreads, and veal with crawfish and bernaise, all three home runs. I’m returning to New Orleans in a couple weeks and am hoping to have a couple meals there this time. Was wondering how early I should plan to arrive to secure a seat at the bar? Would 6:30 on a Wednesday work? Also, since I know you’re a Clancy’s man (and I’m a big fan of your posts), what are some of your favorite menu items? Thanks much in advance.

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  1. I'll let hazelhurst answer your question, but just thought I'd throw out an FYI. The long-time chef from Clancy's opened up his own place in the Warehouse District called Annunciation. While I still prefer Clancy's, you can get a similar meal at Annunciation...just different atmosphere, different neighborhood..

    1. Let me toss out my 2 favorites: the veal liver with onions and a dark reduction sauce, and to start, either turtle soup sans sherry or the shrimp remoulade with deviled eggs. Enjoy!

      1. I try to get to the bar at opening or within a half-hour. 6:30 is dicey because the place fills up fast. On the other hand, two of us had been at the Track on Saturday last year and we made a lst minute reservation without trouble and I guess we got there about 6:00 (I judge the time because Perlis was still open and I had to stop by there first). I often have the crab or Boston salad (I love heart of palm, even canned). I'll have sweetbreads because I adore them and, even though you find them around town more readily now, Clancy's was one of the new places that offered them fairly early on (you could always get them at Galatoire's even when the Adventurous Eaters had never heard of them) and I like to keep the sales of such items up lest they fall off the menu as Out-of-date (although i don;t think Brad would be that trendy). Sometimes I'll select a wine and go from there. Veal chops are a standard as is lamb. I have a duck dish from time-to-time. And they do a good job with soft shells (smoked, of course, but they can sautee as well and will add garlic or whatever). I suppose I am in a rut there but it is pleasant enough--and wide enough--that it doesn;t seem like one.

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          Thanks Hazelhurst (and Sanglier), that's just the kind of suggestions I was looking for. (And I'll keep Annunciation in mind.) It'll be hard for me not to order the sweetbreads twice.