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Mar 26, 2013 03:03 PM

What is this Equa-Teur Restaurant?

number 1 on tabelog, french looking food - kind of a mystery on the english language internet as far as I can tell. 9.9-19k set menus.

The plating doesn't seem to be particularly beautiful, which makes me suspicious that there is some completely amazing thing going on tastewise that is overcoming it. It appears to be fully booked for the next couple of months.

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  1. The restaurant only has 5 seats. Which explains it being booked months in advance - especially in light of its Tabelog rating. Robyn

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    1. re: pvgirl

      I guess the real question is, is it that good, or is it advantaged by a low number of really high ratings (unclear what weighting in the algorithm is)?

      Is this like a Tokyo Aizpitarte where the food in the mouth can be way more profound than the pictures and ingredients often suggest?

      1. re: WrathofJingisukan

        Got me. I live in Florida USA and have only been in Japan once (in 2006). Second trip scheduled this year. And - when I travel abroad - I don't normally try to dine at micro-boutique restaurants like this one. Robyn