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Mar 26, 2013 02:49 PM

Aotoya (Blue Door) Japanese Restaurant (ex-Tenhachi)

Got a tip from my hairdresser that the Tenhachi people have opened up their new place called Aotoya on Victoria Drive just south of 49th, right beside Supreme Pizza. In fact, it's taking the space where Hin Young Vietnamese used to be. That was all news to me! I didn't know Tenhachi and Hin Young were closed. But you can read all about my experience at Aotoya and see more photos here:

Chowhound's photo-handling doesn't do it justice...

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  1. Nice one, flowbee! I've been wanting to take my dad to Tenhachi for uni, so I hope they have it on the dinner menu at the new place.

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    1. re: grayelf

      Hmm, well, looking at their lunch menu, I don't get the feeling that they have uni at all...

      1. re: grayelf

        Hitoe Sushi had live uni when it was in season... but I assume the season is over now.