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Do you create unique foods?

I think I found my Easter cocktail!

foodieX2 Mar 26, 2013 02:38 PM

I am known for having what my friends affectionately call a "signature" cocktail for each of my parties or holiday gatherings. While I still have a stocked bar I always kick off a party by offering a single cocktail to those who want it and then have either a pitcher available or if not "pitcher" friendly the fixing for those who want more.

Perusing the Easter recipes I came across this little beauty:
Mint "Limonata".

My family loves limoncello and I like make huge batches of it for christmas gifts. We also love mint and it is keeping with the minted peas, mint jelly theme with the lamb.

If you celebrate are you whipping up anything special for Easter?

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    tokyopix Mar 30, 2013 03:37 PM

    Still undecided. I was going to go with my standard French 75, but then I thought maybe I'd do a Negroni and a White Negroni for something different.

    Then I thought Yellow Bicycle or Yellow Jacket.

    Hmmmmm. Better decide soon since it is Easter morning here!

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