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Mar 26, 2013 02:33 PM

First Avenue Tokyo Station

Anyone know anything about it?

Our hotel is just a very short walk away. Can we get a decent snack/light dinner there - or perhaps some some take-out? Like I've said in a previous message - our main meals of the day will be lunch. Robyn

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  1. Yes. There's all sorts of stuff there. Several dozen places to eat.

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      Thanks Robb and Silverjay - This trip will only be a week in Tokyo (as opposed to our first 3 week trip to Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto). Unless the jet lag works out a lot different than it did on our first trip - we'll be using the places you suggested for light early night snacks before we conk out :). Robyn

      1. re: pvgirl

        In my experience, the flight route and timing are major influences on jet lag. East coast U.S. to Japan is better than West coast to Japan because the offset from the West coast is awkward. From East coast, I often go out the night I arrive and the next night as well. And on the 3rd and 4th nights, when jet lag can be the worst, I do early dinners. Everyone's different though. I don't really experience it anymore on this route.

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          It take me 5 days to get used to things when daylight savings time comes and goes :). IOW - I'm pretty awful when it comes to time changes. OTOH - things work out fine going west. Because we really like to get an early start (especially on warm/hot days) - do some sightseeing - have a nice lunch (normally our main meal of the day) - and then perhaps take a walk - do some shopping - etc. after lunch. Robyn

    2. I think the restaurant selection is much better in the Kitchen Street/Kurobei Yokocho complex, which is also inside Tokyo station (outside the wicket) and more or less adjacent to First Avenue Tokyo Station.

      1. A light dinner might be a bowl of noodles - I can highly recommend Shichisai and Honda for lighter bowls of ramen.

        Then again, a thicky porky soup might be just the ticket before a long night of rest.

        Alternatively, if you're up early -> Rokurinsha has a special breakfast ramen I've never tried.

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        1. re: lost squirrel

          My husband and I love noodles. Although we are much more familiar with western than Asian varieties. We hardly know anything about soba - udon - ramen - pho - etc. But are certainly willing to try things and learn. Only thing I won't try again is Japanese style spaghetti with a mayonnaise based sauce <I don't mean to offend anyone - but yuck!>. Our hotel is Four Seasons Marunouchi - a few blocks away from Tokyo Station. Are Shichisai or Honda anywhere near there?

          I've already run across Rokurinsha in Tokyo Station in a couple of food blogs and made a note of it. It seems to be legendary. Is it as great as some people seem to think? Are the lines as long as people say they are <grin>? Note that our room rate at the hotel includes breakfast - so we'll be having breakfast there (if we want to eat breakfast). Robyn

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            Shichisai and Honda as well as Rokurinsha are all in the Ramen Alley in Tokyo Station.

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              Both, along with a few others, are in Tokyo Ramen Street. Check the link you provided above - they are listed there.

              The Rokurinsha lines are just as long as people claim. I'm not sure it's really worth it, especially when the other shops right next door are so awesome too.