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Mar 26, 2013 02:16 PM

Sunday or Monday dinner in Trastavere?

We will be in Rome on Sat, Sun, and Mon nights. The first night (Sat.) will be out first night in Rome (from US) and I hesitate to plan anything that will be long or expensive because I'm sure we will be jet lagged!
We are staying near Largo Argentina and really want to make it over to Trastavere for dinner either Sunday or Monday night, and I'm having trouble finding somewhere for the 5 of us that is more than pizza al taglio or enoteca...that is not $$$$! we're ok with midrange, but not too pricey. I see La Gensola seems to be open but looks pricey and 2 of our party don't eat seafood....

To complicate things a tiny but, my son will be in a walking boot so we would probably take a taxi...I'd like to know a place to direct the driver rather than go and wander...and assuming also it's better to reserve. Are my hopes lost for Trastavere dinner? I've purchased Eat Rome and Rome for Foodies and still can't quite figure it out!

A quick unrelated question...if places (I'm thinking for example of Trattoria Monti) are open from 12:30-3:00 for lunch, is it too late to try to start lunch at 2:00? Dothey accept reservations that late?

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  1. Thanks for your app purchase:) La Gensola is indeed a bit pricey and, though their best dish is basically scrambled eggs with bitter greens and pancetta, it is definitely not worth the trip if you don't follow that with their nice fish pastas. You might try Da Teo or Le Mani in Pasta. I also like

    You can sit down at Trattoria Monti as late as 215 or 230pm. They should take a booking for that time.

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      Thanks, I was just looking at Le Mani in Pasta and it looks great. Btw I love how your app is set to use. I'm still in US (we leave in 2 weeks!) and I've been playing with it.

      How far ahead would you suggest I try to make reservations at Trattoria Monti for the late lunch time (2:15)? I assume phone is the best method and hopefully English will work? How I wish I spoke Italian!!

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        I should have specified too that we're a party of five!

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          Im not sure Trattoria Monti takes reservations for lunch - maybe for that late hour or a group your size they would.
          You can but try.Phone a few days ahead, Id say

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            excellent! There should be a new update in the next week or so, so look for that. in the meantime i will be adding a dozen new venues, which will update automotically when you connect to wifi.

            book at le mani in pasta 4-5 days ahead. i just called trattoria monti and a) they do take reservations at lunch and b) they are answering the phone at 1:04am to answer such questions. extra brownies points.


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              Can anyone give a good price estimate? We are a family of 6, and I just don't want to spend more than $150 on dinner (or lunch!). Can I do that at either of the above? Is either place worth it for a large family?

              1. re: ipferrara

                No, you won't be able to get away with 110 euros in either place with 6 people.

                1. re: ipferrara

                  it may depend on your family - if you have young kids who will only want a plate of pasta, obviously the expense is less. But if you expect each person to eat two courses, 110 euros will not be sufficient.

                  These are not expensive restaurants, nor are they they the cheapest.

          2. You're right, La Gensola is a bit on the pricey side, but that's mostly because is it fish, and fish is always an expensive choice in Rome.

            Da Lucia is a good, local, simple place.
            Another option is Da Teo (Piazza dei Ponziani), which also has outdoor seating.

            Monti accepts reservations for lunch, but make sure you tell them you are arriving at 2. I dont think it should be much of a problem.

            And fyi there is a taxi stand right in Largo Argentina that should come in handy.


            1. I know Spirito DiVino is open on Sundays at least. They're based in Trastevere.

              I had an amazing dinner there a few years back, and it's not too pricey either.

              I can't remember the exact prices (except that I didn't find it too expensive), but their website suggests from 25-40 euros per person for dinner.