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Mar 26, 2013 02:07 PM

Jerry's Deli - West Hollywood

My sister stopped by Jerry's Deli in West Hollywood last night to get some soup for a sick friend. She overheard some people talking to a manager about the fact that this Jerry's location was going to close at the end of May.

Does anyone have any idea if this is true?

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  1. No, but it would certainly be good news!

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    1. re: Thor123

      +1. Jerrys is horrid. It is a wannabe and I wannabe at Brent's.

      1. re: SIMIHOUND

        All they have to do is try their own food. If they think that's good - they should be in the shoe business. Or something.

        1. re: foodiemahoodie

          I can't comment on the food since I haven't eaten in a Jerry's in eons. I don't know if the West Hollywood location is closing, but I sometimes eat after a show with some musician friends and they like Greenblatt's Deli on Sunset. I'm pretty sure it's not "the very best," but the food is more than decent, it's open until 2 pm and has a free lot. One of the gals got a matzo ball soup and it looked very good.

          1. re: Feed_me

            Granted; Brent's is probably the best deli but why is it that nobody mentions the legendary Art's? Is it THAT bad?

            1. re: mucho gordo

              The last time I was there the service was really bad, the food was mediocre, the prices were equal or higher compared to Brent's and the parking was not at all convenient. All totaled up...I will pass!

              1. re: SIMIHOUND

                That sounds about right. I'd put it on a par with Cantors,

    2. despite all the love NOT for Jerry's, I love the place, especially the location in Studio City.

      1. rumor has this one, the Encino one, the Woodland Hills one and Solley's all closing shortly, the only difference being exactly what date.

        1. I've had some sub-par food at Jerry's, to be sure. But the pastrami on rye with Russian and cole slaw is one of the best in town (yes, yes, after Langer's and Brent's, blah blah) but it gets no love. I'm from NY -- Katz's, 2nd Ave deli, etc -- and I love pastrami, and Jerry's is WAY better than most! Recently had it when visiting someone at Cedar's ... darn good.

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          1. re: la tache burger

            I had it recently too and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

          2. Prayer to the Deli Gods - please put Brents in that location.