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Help with "baby" themed dinner--NOT a baby shower

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My cooking club’s next dinner theme is “baby.” It’s not a baby shower but rather the cooking topic for a group of serious foodies. It's a bit tongue in cheek. Help me come up with a dish.

I’ve thought of something like lamb with baby artichokes and baby turnips, but that seems obvious. I’m looking for a more creative and interesting idea.

Fin fish okay, but not other sea food. Balut is not on the table (but is the right way to be thinking).

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  1. I immediately thought of baby spinach, baby artichokes, baby carrots, but you beat me to that.

    How about an excellent "baby food" creation, like a terrific take on apple sauce, or mashed peas or something? Or serve cocktails in a baby bottle?

    1. Deviled quail eggs? Baked fingerling potatoes? And when I say baked, I mean baked. Split open with butter, sour cream, etc.

      Shrimp? I mean, that's a bad pun, but still... :-)

      Caesar salad with baby romaine leaves...

      Veal, of course.

      1. Roast chicken breast stuffed with roast quail;
        sirloin pounded flat, rolled with pounded veal;
        aged cheddar cheeseball with center of cream cheese/farmers cheese.

        (ETA: or stuff chicken breast with egg rather than quail)

        1. Are you a Patrick OBrien fan? How about Boiled Baby-which is basically a suet pudding.


          Maybe baby back ribs?

          1. I suppose baby back ribs is to much of a gimme? :)

            1. That's a tough one. I keep thinking of baby vegetables -- carrots, hericot vert, pattypan squash, fingerling potatoes, scallions (as in baby onions), corn, tiny zucchini, crimini mushrooms (as in baby portobellos), cherry toms. They could be cut into manageable pieces and either grilled or maybe dredged and made into tempura, as long as they start out as babies.

              Your artichokes and turnips fit in, as well.

              For a protein, maybe lollipop chicken drums.

              For dessert, anything mini -- from individual cheesecakes to tassies.

              Also maybe, appy, tiny fricos wrapped into a cone shape and filled with a scoop of anything -- guacamole, hot artichoke dip, hot reuben dip. Baby ice cream cone approach?

              1. Cornish hens? With tiny veggies on an appetizer plate? Sounds fun! I'd love to know what you decide on.

                1. Whole suckling pig, or if you want more work, suckling pig porchetta? You could serve slider buns with the latter.

                  Unlaid chicken eggs?

                  1. Babies are yummy. More esoteric babies would be anguillas or baby eels - you may be able to find them canned at specialty stores, or they are available online. http://www.tienda.com/food/products/s... Oops, does eel qualify as "other sea food"?

                    For dessert, Dutch Babies! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/go...

                    Mache or lamb's lettuce could be incorporated, not baby itself, but named after a baby.

                    1. How about a quiche with baby spinach, baby portabellos, and baby Swiss cheese? It's easy, can be served hot or cold, and would be suitable for vegetarians.

                      IF your gathering is after Easter, you could also serve fake Balut for dessert -- just pick up some hollow Easter eggs on clearance and put a Peep in each one (also on clearance), assuming it would fit. Or, I suppose, you could use large hollow chocolate Easter eggs, cut 'em in half, put the Peeps inside, and patch with melted chocolate, though that'd be a great deal of trouble.

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                        Ha! That's actually quite funny and a very cute idea.

                        1. re: Chowbird

                          Read Johnathon Swifts, " A modest Proposal". Just joking!

                        2. i immediately think of an episode of full house when becky tells jessie she is pregnant.
                          they had baby shrimp, baby corn and baby back ribs.
                          i know you were looking for something more subtle but i thought it was funny.

                          1. Purees look like baby food.

                            Also I was thinking something along the lines of Christina Tosi's Cereal Milk. Maybe even a cereal milk ice cream

                            1. I was also thinking about veal as another poster said.

                              I was thinking veal for Wiener Schnitzel, since it's treatment is a bit like a toddlers first fast food experience. So baby cow created in a way toddlers might enjoy.

                              Instead of Balut you could do a scotch egg with a veal and pork sausage

                              Or a play on what comes first the chicken or the egg.

                              A play on the movie Rosemary's Baby

                              Just suggestions. I love throwing out Ideas

                              1. I got to thinking further. Swaddled babies: represented by pigs in blankets, mini egg rolls, cabbage rolls, and the like.