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Mar 26, 2013 01:53 PM

Help with "baby" themed dinner--NOT a baby shower

My cooking club’s next dinner theme is “baby.” It’s not a baby shower but rather the cooking topic for a group of serious foodies. It's a bit tongue in cheek. Help me come up with a dish.

I’ve thought of something like lamb with baby artichokes and baby turnips, but that seems obvious. I’m looking for a more creative and interesting idea.

Fin fish okay, but not other sea food. Balut is not on the table (but is the right way to be thinking).

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  1. I immediately thought of baby spinach, baby artichokes, baby carrots, but you beat me to that.

    How about an excellent "baby food" creation, like a terrific take on apple sauce, or mashed peas or something? Or serve cocktails in a baby bottle?

    1. Deviled quail eggs? Baked fingerling potatoes? And when I say baked, I mean baked. Split open with butter, sour cream, etc.

      Shrimp? I mean, that's a bad pun, but still... :-)

      Caesar salad with baby romaine leaves...

      Veal, of course.

      1. Roast chicken breast stuffed with roast quail;
        sirloin pounded flat, rolled with pounded veal;
        aged cheddar cheeseball with center of cream cheese/farmers cheese.

        (ETA: or stuff chicken breast with egg rather than quail)

        1. Are you a Patrick OBrien fan? How about Boiled Baby-which is basically a suet pudding.

          Maybe baby back ribs?

          1. I suppose baby back ribs is to much of a gimme? :)