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Mar 26, 2013 01:28 PM

ISO Knife Shop - Osaka

Hey Osaka folks,

I'm visiting Sakai-shi next month for work, and I'll be there for a few days. I'm hoping to pick up a nice, traditional deba-bocho and am wondering if there's a good shop that has a nice selection of good quality (not insanely high quality) blades?

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  1. In case you don't get a better answer.

    Go to the main market street in Osaka. There are lots of kitchen stores there - some knife stores too IIRC. Learn some words in Japanese so you can ask what you're looking for. You should be able to find a knife you'll like. Robyn

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      I speak Japanese.

      Don't know Osaka at all, though. When you say "main market street in Osaka," can you help me with what train station / district I should head for?

      1. re: Professor Salt

        You're relying on the memory of an older tourist who was still suffering from jet lag at the time :). It was a covered arcade street that started/ended at this place IIRC:

        Perhaps someone who's more familiar with Osaka than I am can give you additional help. But - if you speak Japanese - it shouldn't be hard to get around.

        I don't know what price point you're looking at. But - depending on that - and where you live - note that import duties can be crazy when it comes to utensils made of rather ordinary ingredients (in the US - there is no excess tariff on gold flatware - but very high tariffs on stainless steel flatware - it's a "trade thing"). I'd check this out before your trip. Robyn

        1. re: pvgirl

          Many thanks, Robyn.

          I'm not going too crazy on the price of a deba. US$200 or thereabouts is my limit, and I'm sure there's plenty of workaday professional knives that will fit the bill at that price point.

          1. re: pvgirl

            That's the well-known crab sign (restaurant) near Nanba Station in the center of Osaka. Here's a link to google maps with street view:

      2. Check out this ebay storefront for ideas on whats available and pricing.

        1. She's referring to Doguyasuji near Namba.

          But Sakai-shi is famous for sword-making and therefore knife-making. I believe the knife museum sells some very good quality knives. And there's a knife district in the city where knife shops are plentiful.

          do a search for Sakai knife district. Hopefully you'll find the thread on knife forums (not sure if I can post it here)

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          1. re: prasantrin

            Thanks, that was a good hint. I'll found some good resources on some knife forums with your lead.

          2. Almost all Japanese kitchen knives are made in Sakai. I don't know about retail in Sakai, but I would imagine you could find the same knives in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto.