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ISO Knife Shop - Osaka

Hey Osaka folks,

I'm visiting Sakai-shi next month for work, and I'll be there for a few days. I'm hoping to pick up a nice, traditional deba-bocho and am wondering if there's a good shop that has a nice selection of good quality (not insanely high quality) blades?

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  1. In case you don't get a better answer.

    Go to the main market street in Osaka. There are lots of kitchen stores there - some knife stores too IIRC. Learn some words in Japanese so you can ask what you're looking for. You should be able to find a knife you'll like. Robyn

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      I speak Japanese.

      Don't know Osaka at all, though. When you say "main market street in Osaka," can you help me with what train station / district I should head for?

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        You're relying on the memory of an older tourist who was still suffering from jet lag at the time :). It was a covered arcade street that started/ended at this place IIRC:


        Perhaps someone who's more familiar with Osaka than I am can give you additional help. But - if you speak Japanese - it shouldn't be hard to get around.

        I don't know what price point you're looking at. But - depending on that - and where you live - note that import duties can be crazy when it comes to utensils made of rather ordinary ingredients (in the US - there is no excess tariff on gold flatware - but very high tariffs on stainless steel flatware - it's a "trade thing"). I'd check this out before your trip. Robyn

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          Many thanks, Robyn.

          I'm not going too crazy on the price of a deba. US$200 or thereabouts is my limit, and I'm sure there's plenty of workaday professional knives that will fit the bill at that price point.

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            That's the well-known crab sign (restaurant) near Nanba Station in the center of Osaka. Here's a link to google maps with street view:

      2. Check out this ebay storefront for ideas on whats available and pricing.

        1. She's referring to Doguyasuji near Namba.

          But Sakai-shi is famous for sword-making and therefore knife-making. I believe the knife museum sells some very good quality knives. And there's a knife district in the city where knife shops are plentiful.

          do a search for Sakai knife district. Hopefully you'll find the thread on knife forums (not sure if I can post it here)

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            Thanks, that was a good hint. I'll found some good resources on some knife forums with your lead.

          2. Almost all Japanese kitchen knives are made in Sakai. I don't know about retail in Sakai, but I would imagine you could find the same knives in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto.

              1. so sorry, I got to this thread late, maybe you've extended your trip to Japan and can take advantage but the best value for money knife for you would be from Konosuke Sakai.


                Very nice people and I'm sure would be so glad to help you out!

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                  Thanks for your leads, everyone. Time during this trip was very tightly scheduled and we didn't have a whole lot of downtime to go shopping on our own.

                  As it turns out, the folks at my head office had arranged for my group of Americans to visit the Sakai Knife Museum. It's not so much a museum per se as a place where local bladesmiths sell their wares. It's nearly all kitchen knives, with some gardening shears and non-cooking blades to choose from.

                  Though there may be other excellent retailers in the city, I was plenty satisified with the selection.

                  I ended up with a fine debabocho for a very reasonable price.