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Oven roasted potatoes "from memory"

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First post.

My mom used to make oven roasted potatoes by cutting them into quarters, putting EVOO on them and putting in a "covered casserole dish" at some high temperature!
Don't remember the spices sorry to say!

The lid on the casserole dish was to keep the "HOT" oil from spraying/spitting/getting all over the inside of the oven and smoking up the kitchen, (learned the hard way!).

Does anyone know how this should be done, I searched recipes, they just call for a regular roasting pan, witch gives me doubts as to there authenticity! Unless you like cleaning an oven, LOL.
I'm learning to cook, and need all the correct help I can get.

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  1. i roast potatoes uncovered all the time and don't have an issue with oil spraying the oven. nor does it get hot enough to smoke. unless you're cooking in an oven that is already dirty and THAT stuff is smoking off the oven walls?

    covering them would create a moist environment in which they would steam. unless she covered them at first and then finished uncovered so they'd crisp?

    my go-to seasonings for roasted potatoes are dried thyme, paprika and plenty of salt. cook at 400.

    1. Not quite sure what you're asking - it sounds like you've described the method you want pretty well.

      To fill in some of the gaps? -- I would at most coat the potatoes very lightly with oil, otherwise you're oven-frying, not roasting.

      Spices -- my preference would be salt, pepper, maybe some garlic powder and/or paprika. Your taste may differ - go ahead and experiment!

      Roast at 350-400 degrees, as long as needed to cook the potatoes as much as you want. (Probably 30-60 min.) If you haven't used too much oil, spattering or smoking shouldn't be a problem, but if you want to cover the pan the way mom used to, that's ok (though they may not get as crispy under a lid - take it off for the last few minutes at least).

      If my suggestions are vague, it's because I consider something like this a general method or approach, not a specific recipe. Lots of variability is built in, so you can frex. cook the potatoes this way at the same time you're cooking something else in the same oven that may have more particular requirements.

      1. Agree with others that you do not want to cover if your goal are potatoes with a good crispy skin. In terms of seasoning, in addition to the various herbs noted by others, I often mix some dijon mustard in with the olive oil.

        1. Welcome to the fun of learning to cook!

          Like hotoynoodle, I roast uncovered. Toss them with a bit of olive oil (you don't want them swimming in oil; you want them lightly coated), and salt, pepper and whatever spices/herbs you want (I like garlic powder, dried parsley, and a bit of paprika.

          Roast at 400°, turning the potatoes about every 15-20 minutes so different sides of the potatoes get put "face down" and get to get all browned and crispy. Usually takes anywhere from 40-60 minutes, depending on how big the pieces of potato are.

          1. Squirrel

            Congratulations on becoming a cook. I went to the top of the page, selected the magnifying glass and did an "oven roasted potatoes" search! Lots of threads here for you to browse. I think you'll find tons of help. I can't help but think you may be remembering 2 different dishes. :-D

            1. Squrrel,

              I'll bet your Mom didn't have a self-cleaning oven, do you? Now-a-days cleaning an oven the usually involves latching the door, hitting the self-clean button and sitting down to enjoy your favorite TV show, book, music with an lovely adult beverage.

              If the oil is smoking the two most likely causes are, 1) the oven is way too hot (have you tested your oven with a reliable thermometer?) or 2) you are using the wrong type of oil with a very low smoke point.

              The spitting/spraying issue may be caused by excessive water on your potatoes when you put them in the oven. If you have rinsed the potatoes make sure you dry them before oiling them up and putting them into the oven

              1. Peel,cut potatoes into small pieces,put into a pot of cold water,when they come to a boil cook for about ten minutes. Drain in a strainer. Put back into the pot with a lid on and shake them to roughen them up a bit. Melt some butter and veg oil in a pan large enough to hold the potatoes maybe three T of each add some salt. Add potatoes and mix them into the butter mixture. Put into a 400 degree oven for about an hour,mixing them up once. They will be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Wonderful potatoes,just don't cover them.