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Mar 26, 2013 12:58 PM

Good Food in Little Italy

I will be n San Diego in early April for a meeting. It seems I am staying in the Little Italy section. What are some good restaurants -- especially Italian restaurants -- in that section of San Diego? Where else should I eat in San Diego?

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    1. Bencotto, or its little sister restaurant Monello for more casual/small bites and happy hour.

      1. Bencotto or Prep Kitchen are great in Little Italy. Want ramen? Try Underbelly.

        1. Bencotto - stick to the pastas and avoid anything meat related

          Monello - go for breakfast and the pizza and avoid any meat entrees

          Filippi's - the meatball subs are good, get it to go.

          Pappalecco's - gelato

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              Not sure I am getting this.

              Maybe I'm too obtuse to pick up on the sarcasm ...

          1. We like the meatball sub and pizza at Mona Lisa's express lunch.
            Grab N Go's subs are amazing, with the bead made daily at Mimmo's across the street. Way more than one person should eat.
            The Saturday Mercato has a great variety of food vendors, as well as produce and prepared foods.