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Mar 26, 2013 12:57 PM

Baking with Blue Cheese

With a big wedge of blue (or is it bleu)

in the refrigerator my darling Emmy came home and baked these sable cookies for her dear ole Mum. Folks, sublime and so simple:

How do you bake with your favorite blue cheese?

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  1. I use it very simply, but love to put it on chicken in the last few minutes to melt and mingle with the juices. Also, I enjoy it sprinkled on roasted asparagus. I love blue cheese and I love this thread, excited for great ideas.

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    1. re: fldhkybnva

      We've tried blue cheese dip with asparagus spears a few times and really liked the combo.

    2. Here is a recipe I make from time to time--blue cheese & fig jam savories. Very easy and always a hit.

      I add blue cheese to a number of things when the mood strikes. I like a strong cheesy flavor so will add to mac n cheese, scrambled eggs, omelets, scalloped potatoes, etc.

      Can't wait to see the other ideas!

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      1. re: jlhinwa

        Okay, these are an interesting savory variation on the sable cookie and you know when Emmy handed me the first cookie there was fig jam on girl knows me well!

        Blue in mac n cheese is really awesome! I'm a big fan of blue on baked russets instead of butter.

        Spread on a juicy grilled T-bone steak-oh my!

      2. I havent tried making it myself yet, but I plan to soon -- there was a restaurant DH and I used to go to in Cambria, CA that used to serve an amazing Blue Cheese Onion bread. It was always served warm, with butter and sea salt. So good!

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        1. re: boogiebaby

          Wow, that sounds incredibly good. Especially warm!

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            In that vein, my stepchildren introduced me to a trashily wonderful concoction called "Blue Cheese Bake." You melt a stick of butter and pour it into a small casserole dish or pie plate. Then you take a tube of Pillsbury biscuits (or really any of their dough products, but the kids like the biscuits best) and cut them into quarters, and toss them in the butter along with crumbled blue cheese of your choosing (about 4 ounces). Sprinkle a little garlic salt on top and bake until everything is cooked through. I know, it sounds disgusting - but it is shamefully delicious!

            1. re: biondanonima

              Sounds almost like monkey bread but a savory version instead of sweet. Sounds really good!

          2. I love these savory biscuits... uses gorgonzola but I think it would be good with any blue cheese.

            1. Sounds great! I take zucchini, cut it in maybe 3/4 inch to 1 inch lengths, scoop out the insides (to form a small bowl, not to hollow out the entire piece), bake until almost done, then fill it with blue cheese and bake until the cheese is bubbly. Nice different side dish.

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              1. re: njmarshall55

                OMG! I love zucchini and never know what to do with it since it always turns out mushy. Any more specifics? What temp? How long?

                1. re: fldhkybnva

                  Hmmmm...from memory...300F, not sure how long...just till desired doneness without it collapsing on itself. I really don't like mush veggies...prefer something with a little bite to it. I also slice thin, lay out on sheet pan with parchment paper, brush with EVOO, sprinkle flavored bread crumbs, oregano, s/p, crumbled blue cheese...and bake until browned on top. More veggie recipes

                  1. re: njmarshall55

                    Sounds, delicious thanks! Also, thanks for the link. I'm a true omnivore - meat and veggies in ample quantities.