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Mar 26, 2013 12:13 PM

MKE- a group I was not aware of

And in addition, a food swap I am debating bringing jerky
(Salmon and Beef) to (thanks LAZ for pointing this


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  1. Thank you. This sounds like something I would be interested in.

    I think there are laws on this board about arranging specific meetings. Do you know of a food related website that allows private messaging where we could all discuss the details as far as what to bring and the likes or dislikes?

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    1. re: Fowler
      Apparently it started due to the chow rules.
      I have met a number of people through it and gotten some great suggestions.

      1. re: Fowler

        Wow, a roadfood person just told me that while the people behind the mke foodies are very nice people they are very opinionated and have driven folks away. Very "foodie no opinions allowed" according to her. IMHO, any MKE offering is good.

        I have no opinion, not knowing what has passed or having been to an event. I hope to attend future events and if the surgery on my shoulder allows, being there for the swap is a goal.

      2. Wow, a person I always trusted described the group as " very boring food related". I thought that was the reason. I may have to invite/pay for others this summer.