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Mar 26, 2013 12:00 PM

Character Dining at Disney World (and other dining recommendations)

Going to Disney World in May and my twin girls will be almost 23 months and I think it's be fun to take them to one of the Character Dining restaurants. Any suggestions of where we will have the best food? What about the best meal/time to go? They love Mickey and friends, and are into Sophia the Princess (but not really other princesses yet). Should I just stick with Chef Mickey's or Mickey's Backyard BBQ?

I've read through all the suggestions on the board and narrowed to the below places. I'm not sure which meals or days we will go to them - haven't planned that far. Which ones do I definitely need reservations for? We are will only be there for 4 days/3 nights (but really only 2 full days). Thank you so much in advance!

- Citricos
- Ravenous Pig
- Jiko (when we go to Animal Kingdom)
- Brown Derby
- Artist Point
- Blue Zoo
- California Grill (tho I'm not sure if it will be reopened when we are there)
- La Luce (because we are staying @ Hilton Bonnet Creek)

We will for sure get Dole Whips and check out Sleepy Hallow for waffle sandwiches.

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  1. BTW, my kids are used to dining out and usually well-behaved.

    1. Easily the best food we had in Disney was the buffet, Boma, at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The other buffets we went to were pretty standard run of the mill buffet food, not bad, but not great. The kids had a good time at Chef Mickey, the food was fine but nothing special. Boma had food with actual flavor and spice to it whereas most of the other buffets try to cater to the masses and nothing is overly spiced or out of the ordinary. My gf and I actually ate there three times for dinner we enjoyed it so much. My sister's favorite was 'Ohana because the kids had so much fun there. Neither are on your list though.

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      1. re: Rick

        Ohana was on my short list, so maybe I'll have to reconsider. Thanks for the suggestions.

      2. Please use this Google search
        passporter toddler dining
        and read the boards at the Passporter site.

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        1. re: Kris in Beijing

          Thanks for this suggestion - I'll for sure check it out.

        2. Please plan on a one hour nap back in your room each day. The parks will be open late, and was a definite sanity saver when we started going with our 3 year old.