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Mar 26, 2013 11:59 AM

Dimensions and use of Le Creuset 1.5 qt. braiser?

Hi. I can't seem to find consistent dimensions in the online product descriptions - would be grateful if you can tell me the circumference of the 1.5 qt Le Creuset braiser (not including the handles).

Also, what would you use this size for? I have the 3.5, and am considering the 1.5 for side dishes with 3.5 is being used for main course (we generally cook for 2-3 people).


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  1. that would be quite small

    1. I have 2 also (knock-offs) but they are the big one and the 3.5 qt. Get out a bowl and pour 6 cups of water into it. At least that will give you am idea. Or just search Amazon for 1.5 qt casserole. It's pretty small.

        1. I believe the 2.5 qt. one is about 10" across. I would think that would work better for 2-3 servings as you need some room too to stir things around. I would go with that size instead. The 1.5 isn't large enough for your use although it was pretty darn cute!