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Mar 26, 2013 11:59 AM

Self-guided pizza slice walking tour in low Manhattan?

I was thinking of doing a self-guided walking tour for pizza slices in East Village, West Village, Little Italy, etc. I am not sure though who sells slices and who does not?? How are these pics and do you have any others? Some of the places I was thinking of are:

Johns, Bleeker St
Sullivan Street Bakery
Artichoke Basille's

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  1. OK I am full!!
    Now let's walk it off and head over the Brooklyn Bridge to Lucali!!

    1. John's, Keste, and Motorino do not do slices.

      As far as I know Sullivan Street Bakery does, but they do more of the Roman style pizza, so it's very different than the other places you listed (not necessarily a bad thing).

      Joe's is another slice place in the village that has been there for a very long time. I'm not an expert but I think it's a pretty good slice place.

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      1. re: jessbnjess

        No slices!!! Bring your friends.
        I did a party bus birthday pizza tour for 20 people a couple of years ago.
        Mostly Brooklyn. We called ahead so the pies would be ready when we arrived. I think we hit 10 great pizza joints.
        L&B and John's of Bleecker won but it was close.

        1. re: jessbnjess

          Yup, Joe's on Carmine is pretty good. Can't forget about Bleecker Street Pizza either.

          John's is my favorite pie in the city. I'd weigh 300 pounds if they sold slices!

        2. > Johns, Bleecker St

          No slices.

          > Keste

          I would call and ask if they still do the "pizza wallet."

          > Lombardi's

          No slices.

          > Sullivan Street Bakery

          Note that this is Roman style pizza, served room temperature, by the slice. They also only have retail locations in Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen, kind of far from the East/West Village and Little Italy.

          Grandaisy also sells similar Roman style pies, as the owner used to be a partner at Sullivan St. They used to be married.

          > Motorino

          No slices.

          > Artichoke Basille's

          They do serve slices, I prefer the square over the magherita & artichoke slices. Their crust tends to be a bit more bread-y.

          Most of the big names do not do slices.

          If you're willing to go uptown, Patsy's in East Harlem does slices.

          If you're in the East Village, South Brooklyn Pizza.

          If you're in the West Village, try Joe's. They have a new EV Joe's as well.

          If you're in Williamsburg, Best Pizza is pretty good. I've been hearing good things about Williamsburg Pizza as well.

          Deeper into Brooklyn, I highly recommend Di Fara, if it fits into your schedule (and you're willing to go through the travel/wait/timing hassle), especially for the square pie. Do a search on the Outer Boroughs board (or on, as it has been discussed many, many times. Dom DeMarco of Di Fara uses a gas oven but he doesn't really do a typical NY gas oven pie, and his distinctive style is absolutely delicious!

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          1. re: kathryn

            Thank you very much. I will check out the timing of trying to attempt Di Fara and see if my family are willing participants. If it doesn't work out, I may have to stop in New Haven on the way back to Boston at Frank Pepe's or Modern Apizza.