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Mar 26, 2013 09:57 AM

Use for instant pudding mix?

Recently I bought a package of instant vanilla pudding mix to use for Nanaimo bars. I only used a few tablespoons and now have half the box yet. The idea of making instant pudding isn't particularly appealing to me -- anyone have any recipe suggestions that would use it up?

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  1. Never had it but read about mixing it with cool whip for a lighter (healthwise) frosting for a cupcake. Although it seems a little like that Recombinant cuisine we were talking about earlier.

    1. you can put it in a cake mix..... i think.

      1. There are lots of 1970s cake recipes that call for boxed cake mix and instant pudding. Even if it's an already added pudding cake mix, a little more only makes it better.

        One I make quite often (by request!) is Black Russian cake, which calls for devils food plus instant chocolate pudding. And of course vodka and kahlua!
        Probably wouldn't matter if it was vanilla really.

        But for vanilla pudding, I would buy a graham cracker or premade Nilla wafer pie shell, put a few banana slices on the bottom, make the pudding as directed for pies and then top off with some real whipped cream.

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          If you make your own nilla wager pie crust with butter it is even better.

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            I make individual cupcakes with the Nilla wafers, and the pie with a regular crust. The Nilla crust was a fun twist, got it on closeout, was quite the hit with the guys.

        2. Add it to a cake batter since you don't have much left.

          But when we're in the mood for dirty desserts we make

          Graham cracker & pudding icebox cake
          Layers of chocolate & vanilla pudding typically with graham crackers layered btwn the flavors. Chilled and sliced. Comfort food.

          Light and lemony cake with lemon instant pudding, whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs between the layers.

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            My mom added bananas to her icebox cake. I think we could have whipped cream from the can if we wanted on it.

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              Yup, bananas are really good with pudding.

          2. Add to plain pancake mix, a cup of warm milk, a cup of hot chocolate